The Best Hard Rock Album - Metal Storm Awards 2016

Sweaty, screechy, loud, and rowdy, Airbourne are looking for a knockout in the fourth round. Breakin' Outta Hell is another dogged, down, and dirty rock'n'roll record in the long tradition of AC/DC, AC/DC, and more AC/DC. Some of these nominees can get a little heady and meandering; if you just need a straight shot to the gut, Airbourne is the only stop you have to make.
After six full years since their last full-length album was released, Sweden's Asteroid have returned from the wilderness to serve up another psych/stoner '70s-inspired hard rock album full to the brim with groovy bass lines, fuzzy yet melodic guitars & majestic vocals...what is there not to love? III is a brilliant, captivating journey that pulls you in from the first note & doesn't let go for the fantastic yet brief 36-minute playtime.

Church Of The Cosmic Skull like to refer to themselves as a twofold entity: a new religious movement who seek to free mankind from their material possessions and unify all living beings into a singular cosmic whole; and a seven-piece supergroup based in Nottingham, UK playing prog/psych/'70s rock/pop. Now while that description may be a little gimmicky & tongue-in-cheek, there is no denying the quality of the music on offer here. Spanning seven tracks, Is Satan Real? combines heavy psychedelic/occult hard rock, with classic prog rock & catchy pop melodies supplemented by some great six-part vocal harmonies. Is Satan Real? is an album that never takes itself too seriously, yet is far from being a gimmick, giving you an overall laid back yet thoroughly enjoyable listening experience.

Over the years and a multitude of albums, Crippled Black Phoenix have had their ups and downs. While their previous album, White Light Generator, was a tad on the bland side, coming after the ambitious little cover EP of Pink Floyd's epic "Echoes," the band is on the upswing and Bronze is a bold statement of driving riffs and complex sonic nuances. The album may be somewhat on the long side but the musical ideas need time to be developed properly with all the attention given to them.

With When We Are Death, Hexvessel have modified their prior earthy sound just enough to make their version of '60s or '70s rock flow nicely throughout album. Bandleader Mat McNerney does a good job of reviving the feelings of times long gone while still being true to the band's original motto.

Landskap brings back the plodding, organ-heavy blues of the late '60s that bled into early heavy metal and gave life to this lovely genre of ours, kicking down doors with the kind of rhythms and riffs that Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, and Uriah Heep used to cook up. Sure, the title may not be all that creative (this is the second album in this category called III, after all), but don't let that discourage you - all the good ideas went into the music.

It took three years, but retro-rockers Scorpion Child finally released the follow-up to their widely-acclaimed, self-titled debut album. While some band members changed, Scorpion Child stayed true to their bluesy, classic-meets-hard rock formula. Acid Roulette is a concept album and tells the story of a couple's doomed love. And, at times, it musically tells this story with such emotion that you can almost feel their pain.
Trigger Warning: ass-shaking, beer chugging, sing-a-long riff-centric tunes from the raucous Irish party patrol. Triggerman have returned to the scene of the crime with Atomic Rock Number 79. Songs center around riffs, riffs and riffs - some pounding, some driving, with a solid drum and bass backbone and Bap's unique vocals. Riff-laden hard rock anthems that will get yer feet or booty moving. Oh yeah, it's also a lot of fun.

Can stream on their official site.

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We can guarantee with reasonable certainty that you've never heard this particular mixture of styles before. Vôdûn has such a thick, fuzzy, psychedelic sound that they might be classified as stoner rock (and even stoner metal, because this can get pretty heavy), but Oya's powerful, spirited vocals inject Possession with so much energy and personality that she completely overhauls and redefines the band's direction. The winding, bluesy melodies walk many lines between styles and eras, but always to great success and to some unforeseen destination.

Another Volbeat album has rolled into town with the tumbleweed and is stirring up trouble just like old times. The groovy Danish cowboys have rustled up a handsome bevy of metallicized hard rock fused with Western-tinged folk elements, all under the command of Michael Poulsen's instantly recognizable throaty warbling. Seal The Deal & Let's Boogie is strong, hearty, and catchy, with rapturous sing-along choruses, bracing riffs, and the odd banjo solo to liven up the place.


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