The Best Thrash Metal Album - Metal Storm Awards 2018

1.  Soulfly - Ritual 207
2.  Gama Bomb - Speed Between The Lines 52
3.  Black Fast - Spectre Of Ruin 49
4.  Xenoblight - Procreation 28
5.  Deathhammer - Chained To Hell 26
6.  Angelus Apatrida - Cabaret De La Guillotine (write-in vote) 23
7.  Extinction A.D. - Decimation Treaty 14
8.  Murder Inc. - Umlčen Navěky 12
9.  Rapture (GRE) - Paroxysm Of Hatred 11
10.  Nervosa - Downfall Of Mankind (write-in vote) 6
  Revocation - The Outer Ones (write-in vote) 6
  Shakma - House Of Possession 6
13.  Metal Church - Damned If You Do (write-in vote) 4
  Kataklysm - Meditations (write-in vote) 4
  Primal Rite - Dirge Of Escapism 4
Total votes:

Black Fast might be trying to get fancy on us with their use of "spectre" rather than "specter", but their sick, chilling mix of thrash, black metal, and prog will still keep them out of the cocktail parties. In their early days, Black Fast were often compared to Vektor, and while the two bands have greatly diverged since then, you can still hear similarities in the subtle complexity of these songs and the technical skill that goes into crafting them - not to mention that distinctive icy atmosphere and the crusty form of those upper-range harsh vocals. Whatever the progressive tendencies, whatever the encroachment of blackened hostility, Black Fast is a thrash band through and through - albeit one of the few thrash bands these days that wants you to have a bad time.

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Holy shit, just look at that artwork! It's simply excessive in its lo-fi ugliness, rawness, and I-don't-give-a-fuck-ness. These are, of course, pure and honest compliments from our part, and the same words can be applied to describe Deathhammer's latest thrash barbarity. The fourth album by these Norwegians continues their formula of thrash metal with speed and black undertones. Chained To Hell is more rabid and frenetic than a satanic honey badger high on angel dust and it will leave you shaking and foaming blood, wishing for more.

Extinction A.D. is a band from Long Island consisting of members of the hardcore punk crew This Is Hell. Since their inception in 2013, they have been churning out a skull-cracking mix of metal, hardcore, crossover, and groove, and their sophomore album is full of weighty riffs and wailing guitar solos tossed in everywhere for good measure. Their catchy songwriting is meant to accompany you in the gym so that the next time someone asks you "Do you even lift, bro?" you can blast the album in their face at full volume and then watch that face melt.

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Like a long-running slasher franchise that just won't go away, Gama Bomb is back yet again - and this time, it's another complete bunch of bloody house-wrecking, neon pants-wearing, beer-drinking, space-faring, bone-crunching, comic book nonsense, just like you idiots [and we idiots] love it. Sure, Philly's voice is back to form, the songwriting is considerably sharper, and this is their best album in a decade, but you don't really care about that stuff, do you? What you want to know is, "Can I listen to this album while I'm simultaneously watching Re-Animator, playing Street Fighter with a werewolf, and getting plastered with my new best friend, Kurt Russell?"

The answer is yes.

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If the intro to a thrash metal album is not some atmospheric, acoustic, and unnecessary filler track but a short black/thrash/death/hardcore/punk banger, then you know you're in for a wild ride. Murder Inc. is a band from the Czech Republic offering a relentless, riffantastic debut through a small label called Support Underground, which is only fitting because they fully deserve all the support you give them. At the end of the day we are all here for the riffs, aren't we?

You usually don't need more than one guitar to make thrashy hardcore, sometimes two wouldn't go amiss, but would you ever need three guitars? Probably not, but Primal Rite shows us that's it's not that much of a bad idea to have a wall of guitar feedback follow your hardcore riffs everywhere, thus creating some of the noisiest and most nauseous crossover thrash known to man. But Dirge Of Escapism also does what crossover thrash does best, and that is provide extremely energetic and angry music.

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"Rapture" is not the most uncommon name for a metal band and thrash is far from being the most innovative style within metal, so the Greeks in Rapture must be doing something very right in order to stand out. Their sophomore album is a slab of old-school, badass death/thrash metal for the fans of early Kreator, Demolition Hammer and Dark Angel. It's fast and aggressive, raw and uncompromising and will give you plenty of ways to release any pent-up anger you may have.

Norwegian thrash outfit named after a murderous baboon in a schlock '80s horror flick. Yep. House Of Possession is 10 tracks of metal thrashing madness based upon worship of B-horror movies of the decade of excess. More metal thrashing fun than a barrel of murderous monkeys. SHAKMA!

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Max Cavalera seems to be in an inspired period of his career. Following last year's highly acclaimed Psychosis with Cavalera Conspiracy, the Brazilian thrash legend returned in 2018 with his other project, Soulfly, in even better form. Ritual is a selection of great groove thrash tracks, entirely enjoyable and replayable front-to-back, something that hasn't happened for Soulfly since, well... the Dark Ages. With such a ruthless aural assault and with so much pure, unhinged energy, the whiplash is inevitable.

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Standing just at the blurry edges of thrash metal and tech death and with some slight sprinkles of black metal for good taste, the debut from these Danish madmen (and one madwoman, obviously on vocals) is quite hard to be lumped into a single category. But Xenoblight make the best of both worlds, with Procreation being some of the most technical and progressive thrash metal, as well as some of the most thrashy and moshable tech death, you'll ever hear. It's intricate, but it still hits hard.

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