The Best Thrash Metal Album - Metal Storm Awards 2015

1.  Lamb Of God - VII: Sturm Und Drang 307
2.  Black Fast - Terms Of Surrender 49
3.  Slayer - Repentless (write-in vote) 41
  Gama Bomb - Untouchable Glory 41
5.  Deathhammer - Evil Power 37
6.  Angelus Apatrida - Hidden Evolution (write-in vote) 27
7.  Dew-Scented - Intermination 23
8.  Byzantine - To Release Is To Resolve 20
9.  In Malice's Wake - Light Upon The Wicked 16
10.  Rochenrol - De Mysteriis Dom Chiriţă (write-in vote) 12
  E-Force - Demonikhol 12
12.  Titans Eve - Chasing The Devil 9
13.  Trials - This Ruined World (write-in vote) 6
  Project Pain - Thrashed To Kill 6
Total votes:

Look, up in the sky! Is it Vektor? Is it Toxik? Is it Voivod? No, wait, it was definitely Vektor. Lancet vocals, chilling riffs, technical sci-fi black metal atmosphere? Who else could it be - unless...
That's right, it's Black Fast come again from the depths, brandishing this incredible follow-up to their stellar debut. Terms Of Surrender comes tearing and ransacking with nine tracks of barely-contained chaos. It's catchy, it's high-energy, and they're not afraid to get fancy on you.

While the old geezers like Sl*yer are napping, younger bands such as Byzantine are here to do some bitchslapping. To Release Is To Resolve certainly has its slower moments as they lull you into a false sense of security, then before you know it, the onslaught of rage and groove kicks in harder than ever and you'll be headbanging to all the nut crushing bad-assery.

Following the success of their sophomore album, Deathhammer are back with their old-yet-oddly-fresh style of blackened thrash metal. This Norwegian duo sounds as enthusiastic as ever, turning their sloppiness and stereotypical attributes into an endearing part of their identity. The whole approach feels more mature somehow though, with a more refined sense of songwriting and tighter performance. Don't worry though, Deathhammer remains a deranged party beast with a beer-soaked belly, this time they just drank a glass of water before passing out.


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It's not often that Leif Jensen finds himself in possession of the same line-up for two albums in a row, so Intermination benefits unusually from an experienced crew. Dew-Scented brutally annihilate every obstacle that stands in their way, scorched earth-style, just like they always have; there's absolutely no stopping this maniacal blitzkrieg of unspeakable death-thrash destruction.


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Eric Forest of Voivod fame certainly knows what good thrash metal is about, and Demonikhol is just the latest piece of evidence of his mastery. Rather than follow the paths of the earlier Bay Area thrashers or become trendy to be a part of the groove thrash crowd, E-Force forges its own path with its own virulent mix of fast-paced thrash onslaught in a heavy metal spirit and blackened vocals wrapped up in a sinister atmosphere.

Reverb Nation
Gama Bomb is no longer the up-and-coming band they once were, because they are already right up there! Imagine a hazardous mix of Municipal Waste's humour and Testament's riff harmony, then crank up the speed, intensity and power - this is the bomb you need to tear your room up in nuclear fashion.

Forget about the movie series. The REAL fast and furious is here. Full of blistering riffs of the highest order, Light Upon The Wicked is a neck-breaking affair that is also sharp and deadly infectious. Expect no fillers, just 100% ass-kicking, no more, no less.

One thing Lamb Of God has is chops. They've been showing them off for a long time now. That said, it would be reasonable for you to assume that their big-label checks and legal struggles and the boozing and fighting and long bus trips and whatnot would have spoiled those chops. They haven't. Sturm Und Drang is a good album.

Thrashed To Kill represents a nice step forward for Project Pain. It's still thrash, with all the various elements you expect, nay, DEMAND from your thrash. Riffs, riffs, riffs. Plenty of e-string chugging and galloping coupled with single note runs. Lots of shredding and soli. The big thing is the riffs feel tighter. And better. They took what they did with I Have Sinned, worship of the '80s thrash of their glory years, and refined it. Instead of rusty hatchet thrash fury, you now get razor-sharp thrash fury. This album has more barn-burners than Amsterdam has "coffee houses."


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Here's your quick fix of quality melodic thrash metal. The vocals bring a distinct hardcore flavour to Titans Eve, then the riffs kick in, and you'll realise this is the breath of fresh air you didn't even know existed within thrash metal. In fact, most nipples will go hard, and if yours don't, you get a free cookie to make up for your ear and / or nipple problems.