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Amorphis - Everytime I Die [Children Of Bodom cover]
Angra - Synchronicity II [The Police cover]
Any Given Day - Diamonds [Rihanna cover]
Architects Of Chaoz - Soldier of Fortune [ Deep Purple Cover ]
Bizarra Locomotiva - Intruso
Children Of Bodom - Black Winter Day [Amorphis cover]
Children of Bodom - Danger Zone [Kenny Loggins cover]
Children Of Bodom - Mistress Of Taboo [The Plasmatics cover]
Disturbed - The Sound Of Silence [Simon And Garfunkel cover]
Dragony - True Survivor [David Hasselhoff cover]
Ensiferum - Rawhide [Ned Washington cover]
Ensiferum - Warmetal [Barathrum cover]
Every Time I Die - Tourettes
Girlschool - Stayin' Alive [The Bee Gees cover]
Graveworm - Runaway [Bon Jovi cover]
Gruesome - Black Magic [Slayer cover]
Gruesome - Land Of No Return [Death cover]
Heidevolk - Rebel Yell [Billy Idol Cover]
Månegarm - Mother Earth Father Thunder [Bathory cover]
Metal Allegiance - We Rock [Dio cover]
Motörhead - Sympathy For The Devil [The Rolling Stones cover]
Myrkur - Byssan Lull
Powerwolf - Conquistadores [Running Wild cover]
Powerwolf - Headless Cross [Black Sabbath cover]
Powerwolf - Night Crawler [Judas Priest cover]
Powerwolf - Out In The Fields [Gary Moore cover]
Powerwolf - The Evil That Men Do [Iron Maiden cover]
Satan's Host - See You In Hell [Grim Reaper cover]
Stone Sour - Children Of The Grave [Black Sabbath Cover]
Stream Of Passion - I Have A Right [Sonata Arctica cover]
The Crown - Eternal [Paradise Lost cover]
Timeless Miracle - FullMoon [Sonata Arctica cover]
Tribulation - One Hundred Years [The Cure cover]
Wilderun - Emerald
Xandria - Don't Say A Word [Sonata Arctica cover]