The Best Hardcore / Metalcore / Deathcore - Metal Storm Awards 2015

1.  Thy Art Is Murder - Holy War 122
2.  Anopheli - The Ache Of Want 55
3.  Black Tongue - The Unconquerable Dark 43
4.  iwrestledabearonce - Hail Mary 32
5.  Iron Fist - Boneshaker 25
6.  August Burns Red - Found In Far Away Places (write-in vote) 17
7.  Parkway Drive - Ire (write-in vote) 13
8.  Coliseum - Anxiety's Kiss 10
9.  Cowards - Rise To Infamy 9
10.  Born of Osiris - Soul Sphere (write-in vote) 8
11.  Oblivionized - Life Is A Struggle, Give Up 7
12.  Frontierer - Orange Mathematics 6
13.  Miss May I - Deathless (write-in vote) 3
  Heart Of A Coward - Deliverance (write-in vote) 3
  Wrvth - Wrvth (write-in vote) 3
  crowns&thieves - Gravity 3
Total votes:

Their A Hunger Rarely Sated demo, released in 2014, made quite the buzz around these parts. Now they unleashed upon us The Ache Of Want, and it's even more brilliant. Sad, violent, utterly beautiful, this is forty minutes of a cello-infused, post-hardcore / crust punk monstrous hybrid. A must-listen if there ever was one!

Doomcore! Let's hope the term catches on because Black Tongue are seriously delivering with this colossal album. The deathcore formula has been slowed down and reduced to its most important aspect: primal aggression. The result is as sincere as it is crushing. Monstrous growls and deafening shrieks will wreak havoc on your ears as the riffs and beats do their slow death march. A creepy vibe can be felt throughout the whole album in the form of agonizing leads. Leave the thinking-man's pretentious music for a while and get obliterated.

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Do you like your hard-hitters to have, maybe hidden away (maybe thoroughly), a softer, more approachable side? We all do. So does Coliseum it seems. They're all anxious, throwing fists and shit, but once you get to know them, they're all kisses and catchiness, really. Manly kisses and catchiness, that is. Like, this is still hard-hitting and stuff. Just kissy too. Because of the hooks.

With their sophomore album, Cowards have added an extra dosis of depravity by pushing their sludgecore formula through a black metal filter. The wall of noise comes off as raw, uncompromising, groovy and in touch with the putrid urban world around us. With a grainy production which still gives the spotlights to all the instruments, this filthy quintet doesn't want you to miss out on any aspect of this nasty record. Get some steelwool, you'll definitely want to clean yourself after blasting this beast.


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By releasing their debut, the Germans from crowns&thieves have truly embodied what can only be called "everyday frustration". It might not be a full-blown tragedy but this type of post-hardcore serves as a mirror to all our day-to-day obstacles and unfairness. Gravity hits that perfect spot between emotion and aggression where harsh riffs and vocals meet delicate piano melodies. Quietly depressed and desperate. Loudly angry and real.

Here are large obelisks of sound that have been cut, split, and chopped, then sliced and diced, and then diced some more, then had their dust swept up, then packed firmly together with broomsticks and colliders and small fingers, forming a collection of miniature black holes. The gravity of what these guys do is impressive considering all the spazzy contorting on this.

The Iron Fist boys take the finest essences of Motörhead, Bonded By Blood, Sex Pistols bombast, latter-day PunkDarkthrone and distill it all down, Breaking Bad-style (time to rock, Jesse). The end result, Boneshaker, is four fast tracks of spastic, sloppy, direct, violently energetic chaos.


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iwrestledabearonce's new album is no Hail Mary. The metallers shake things up on this one. In fact, Hail Mary is more of a defiant and violent punch in the face, actually. Wacky in all the right ways, the band flavours their "core" with technical grooves, female clean vocals and unexpected melodic moments.

A complex delivery for a simple message. Oblivionized is a rather nasty and schizophrenic band that combines technical grindcore with noisy hardcore. As you might expect from genres so volatile, the results are explosive, to say the least. The half-hour of madness is even more impressive once it is considered that this is just a debut.

The Australian embassadors of deathcore are back with their highly technical and heavy take on the genre. This time some of the speed has been taken off, as Holy War is a much slower and darker affair. Its' bitterness perfectly summaries the terrifying state of our fragile world. It's an unnerving experience where the impending doom and sheer nihilism is displayed through disorienting leads, monstruous vocals, intricate tempo changes, and tight songwriting. Thy Art Is Murder will certainly send chills down your spine.


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