Drama Of The Year

In years past we've seen some fantastic drama - Stratovarius and the chick who loved smearing jelly on her forearms, the Sharon Osbourne eggs on Iron Maiden, Gorgoroth vs. Ghaalgoroth... Some years we've had none, and others we've had so much we let you decide.

This year was far more feast than famine. So dig in.

1.  Wintersun 201
2.  AC/DC; As I Lay Dying 189
3.  Immortal 83
4.  Nachtmystium 75
5.  The Project Hate MCMXCIX 26
6.  Arch Enemy - Angela Gossow Leaves Arch Enemy (write-in vote) 12
Total votes:

AC/DC; As I Lay Dying

As I Lay Doing Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

Tim Lambesis (LambeSeisAnos?) was Condemned to half a dozen years in the California penal system after pleading guilty to soliciting someone to kill his wife. While Confined he'll have plenty of time for Reflection. This Parallels with AC/DC, whose drummer, Phil Rudd, Got Caught With His Pants Down and was arrested for possession of meth and dialing 36-24-36 and asking "What Do You Do For Money, Honey?" in an attempt to procure a murder. Looks like his attempt at scoring Guns For Hire will result in Hard Times for the Problem Child. For Those About To Rot, We Salute You..


Gorgoroth of the Factory of the Immortal Fire

Here we go again. Immortal have gone full blown been-there, done-that on us. With Abbath providing a Sign For The Norse Lawyers To Ride against his former cohorts, we've yet another Legal Battle In The North. So while the suit enters the Cursed Realm of the Legaldemons, the rest of us are subjected to the Descent Into Imminent Public Letters as the former allies try to butcher one another with words rather than the ridiculous weapons with which they so oft posed. Those who find themselves losers of the Trademarks Decided At The Path To The Courthouse Gates should band together to form a super(loser)group, Gorgoroth of the Factory of the Immortal Fire.


Blake Judd fucks over fans, Century Media provides counseling and vaccinations

"Never Trust A Junkie" the Reverend Al Jourgensen warned us. Apparently dozens/hundreds of fans got screwed as Nachtmystium main (vein) man Blake Judd started taking cash from fans in advance for their new record bundled with swell extras. Neill of Krieg, who had worked and collaborated with Blake wrote a scathing account of his interactions with metal artist turned scam artist. Allegedly the items didn't exist and he bent over his own fans, giving them the hot beef injection while he took a hot H injection. Caveat Emptor, bitches. Fans vented over FaceBook, only to have their lamentations and warnings nuked. Fortunately Century Media had class and showed up (in full Hazmat suits) to provide the violated emotional comfort, vaccinations for the Hep B(lake) they contracted, as well as fulfilling orders. Kudos to CM for their efforts. Hopefully Blake Judd can get his shit together… or at least stop screwing fans and just offer his initials in back alleys for drugmoney, like a respectable addict.

The Project Hate MCMXCIX

Lord K wants you downloading vermin dead.

There are debates in regards to downloading vs purchasing music. Fans disagree. Even artists disagree. There is no grey area for Lord K of The Project Hate MCMXCIXQWERTYEIEIO, though. Dude has gone on a weekly ranting warpath preaching the scorching of Earth and the killing of varmints. The new release, while lengthy, is between $21-24. A lot of scratch unless Lord K, a chef, shows up and cooks a romantic dinner for you and your sweetie/fuckhole. Hoss, we get it, artists should be compensated, but FFS screaming, raging, bellowing at fans, nuking posts of anyone who dissents is just BEGGING to have yer shit downloaded and attacked by trolls. FFS one of our authors has written a full column defending artists/labels in regards to downloading, and wants to dl this just to piss in Lord K's oatmeal.


More updates from Whiningsun

Jari from Wintersun galvanized his legions of fans with a pair super-extended dance remix diatribes lamenting his shitty apartment, lack of 3rd Party Studio and an airport-hangar sized server farm somewhere in Texas filled with Cray Supercomputers slaved to HAL 9000 required to mix and sequence the 684,004 layers that will be completely pointless given that 99% of all that sound quality will be lost when fans listen to his new release via cheap-ass ear buds from their iPhone. For what it's worth, Time I, which took longer to make than inevitable Oscar winner Boyhood, did crack the Billboard 200 when it was released… but only sold 4,000 copies that week, and sales continued to trickle thereafter. We've run the numbers through NASA and it just doesn't seem economically viable to invest the GDP of Paraguay into the recording of an album that likely won't sell more than 50,000 units… unless each disk costs Whiningsun fans more than a new Bentley. Sure, his fans were mighty vocal in support online… but will they put their pesos where their mouth is when/if this ever sees the light of day?