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Every year around February we organize the Metal Storm Awards, where we nominate the best albums from the previous year and let our users vote for them. The categories include almost every metal sub-genre, Best Cover Song, Best Debut Album, Best DVD, Best Video, Biggest Letdown, Biggest Surprise and the very special Best Drama, which we award to the most pathetic metal-related event of the year.

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Metal Storm Awards 2015

The Metal Storm Awards. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

Of course, in our own little galaxy, Scum is a classic, and villainy is always encouraged. 2015 was indeed impressive, most impressive, offering an eclectic bevy of stellar debuts, modern classics, hidden gems, and fascinating odysseys into the far-flung realms of musical expression. We dug up our own Centerpoint Station to pull together a few golden albums from all across the reaches of space into one kickass system, and just like a Raxus Prime junk dealer, we've got everything you could ever want ferreted away among these categories. We've got albums heavier than a Star Destroyer full of Hutts, faster than a greased-up A-Wing, and more kvlt than Marka Ragnos. Many Bothans died to put all this together, so don't feel obligated to waste all your votes in one cursory, errant venture. The month of February is yours to explore, experience, and examine the last year in metal, and, like any good Ryn funeral, there's a lot of incredible music to be had.

It's a real shame that Hoth didn't put out an album this year to fit our Star Wars theme, but why not head over to meloblack anyway to get your fix of cosmic imagery and spacey atmospheres? Mosey on over to avant-garde and catch an outbound flight to the fringes of musical convention, then pay a visit to thrash for riffs powerful enough to break a Whiphid's neck. If you ever wanted to know what Emperor Palpatine heard at the moment of his painful, explosive, lightning-y death... grindcore's right there. The blackened entries boast vocals like a krayt dragon, while the industrial category is so Cyberdyne-amic (sorry, wrong franchise) that the Yuuzhan Vong would bury it in a massive pit and sacrifice it to Yun-Yuuzhan.

Much as Apothecary would like us to go full Darth Bane and institute a Rule of Two, in the end, only one album can wind up the Chosen One in each category. Fortunately, we've got one main genre category for every thousand Star Destroyers in the Imperial Navy, which provides more than enough opportunities for friendly competition. Ultimately, the Metal Storm Awards aren't like sabacc; you can still have fun even if your hand isn't the winner. These ceremonies are all about discovering new music: getting the goods on metal's rising stars, revisiting veteran acts on the upswing, finding excuses to research that one band you just couldn't get into - no matter in which form it comes to you, the music is what brings us here and binds the galaxy together.

Well, as usual, it's readily apparent that nobody has bothered to finish reading this - the lure of voting is simply too powerful. If you're still around, take a quick nano-jump over here to discuss the proceedings with your fellow HoloNet denizens. Now, without further ado, witness the power of this fully operational metal station. You may fire when ready (but please, do bother to listen before you vote).

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