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Every year around February we organize the Metal Storm Awards, where we nominate the best albums from the previous year and let our users vote for them. The categories include almost every metal sub-genre, Best Cover Song, Best Debut Album, Best DVD, Best Video, Biggest Letdown, Biggest Surprise and the very special Best Drama, which we award to the most pathetic metal-related event of the year.

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Metal Storm Awards 2016


Metal Storm Awards 2016

Sing ye merrily on high, brother and sister metalheads, for the Metal Storm Awards have come to blast you and the horse you rode in on with the rills, thrills, and chills of the skills we shill. From the first cold, wintry morn of February to the last cold, wintry mourn of February, the voting grounds of the MSAs are your fiefdom for the lancing of lots, the casting of votes, and the complaining of complaints. Now is the winter of your discontent with our painstakingly vetted and meticulously selected nominees, when a young fan's fancy turns to grindcore.

The icicles are in bloom, the sun is shining in the opposite direction, and the birds are chirping somewhere a thousand miles away. What better weather is there in which to crab-walk frostily through your local forested mountain with the cream of 2016's black metal crop, stare wistfully into the grey, dreary firmament alongside some brand new metalgaze, or lie face down in the snow and expire to the latest funeral doom epic?

It would not be terribly partisan or impolitic to assume that, wherever you are, you had a rough 2016. You might not have had as much time as you would have liked to keep up with the best metal releases; perhaps you forgot about some of those great discoveries amidst all the turmoil. Maybe your 2017 is looking grim as well and you just need a helping hand from your favorite genre of grim, bleak, loud, heavy, introspective, overblown, spacious, walloping, thunderous, glacial, inspiring, frightening, and/or generally special music. In the Metal Storm Awards, it doesn't matter who wins; all that matters is that some worthy artists get some recognition and we all discover even just a handful of fantastic new albums.

With that in mind, we of the Metal Storm staff, elites, and contributors are pleased to present you with the largest and most thorough Metal Storm Awards to date (now with 9.2% more metal). Wipe the frost from your eyes, step in from the cold, and feel the warm fuzzies of 2016's best and brightest offerings from all across the metal spectrum. And, of course, if you live in a part of the world not currently experiencing winter, feel free to stick your head in the freezer and listen to the alternative category. We're not judgey (you freaks).

Be ye not afraid to expand your horizons, too. Now get thee to a funnery and start listening. Dio vult.

Metal Storm Staff