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Christian Death - Sex And Drugs And Jesus Christ

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Release date: 1988
Style: Gothic rock, Death rock


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01. This Is Heresy
02. Tragedy
03. Wretched Mankind
04. The Third Antichrist
05. Erection
06. Ten Thousand Hundred Times
07. Incendiary Lover
08. Window Pane

Additional info
USA: 1988
Genre: Death Rock/Gothic "Metal"
Label: LSR

Vocals, Guitars: Valor
Vocals, Keyboards: Gitane Demone
Bass Guitar: Kota
Drums: Webz

Staff review by
"From the grievous wounds flow solemn tears in the nightmare knavery of his 3 stigmata…"

Christian Death have to be one of the sacred beasts of the dark scene of the 80s, not only they were one of the most important and influencial death rock acts, they also never tended to remain the same, offering throughout the 80s many fabulous releases. At first there was the charismatic persona of Rozz Williams, "Deathwish" and the legendary "Only Theatre Of Pain" were reality, then he joined forces with another charismatic and obscure figure, Valor, "Catastrophe Ballet" and Ashes" turn to life, Rozz Williams leaves, "Atrocities" and "The Wind Kissed Pictures" etc get released and 1988 arrives. A release to cause controversy everywhere gets composed, "Sex And Drugs And Jesus Christ", probably the last great Christian Death release (including not the releases of Rozz Williams' Christian Death in the 90s, they were definitely amazing) that had a lot to say to the audience.

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