Warbringer - Weapons Of Tomorrow

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Release date: 24 April 2020
Style: Thrash metal


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01. Firepower Kills
02. The Black Hand Reaches Out
03. Crushed Beneath The Tracks
04. Defiance Of Fate
05. Unraveling
06. Heart Of Darkness
07. Power Unsurpassed
08. Outer Reaches
09. Notre Dame (King Of Fools)
10. Glorious End

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10.04.2020 - 10:24
Rating: 8
Cynic Metalhead
Atrocious Virgin
New song.

12.04.2020 - 23:46
The Witchfinder
Wasn't feeling that at first, but it got real good halfway through. Ends with a nice twist too.
23.04.2020 - 05:09
Glorious end truly glorious. Finally some worthy thrash metal
24.04.2020 - 22:39
Rating: 8
Cynic Metalhead
Atrocious Virgin
Dull start, picked up a pace, and brilliant finishing. It easily threw "Woe To The Vanquished" out of the thrash pit conveniently in terms of speed, riffs, and awesome drumming.

Still far away from my fav Warbringer record "Worlds Torn Asunder", but nonetheless, it's a great return to the form.

Highlight: Outer Reaches
25.04.2020 - 08:22
It's cool but Slaughter Messiah and Witches Hammer rape this.
By blood... Resurrection?
By body... Redemption?
By God... Domination?
By Pilate... Crucifixion!
26.04.2020 - 09:11
Theodore V
Account deleted
Oh yes!!! Bring it!!!!!
26.04.2020 - 21:24
Bad English
Tage Westerlund
Bloody good thrashing machine, mix between modern sounding bands and old school, whit some hard core attitude. Good thrash
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Stormtroopers of Death - ''Speak English or Die''

I better die, because I never will learn speek english, so I choose dieing
27.04.2020 - 16:07
Written by Maco on 25.04.2020 at 08:22

It's cool but Slaughter Messiah and Witches Hammer rape this.

That Slaughter Messiah album is excellent.
01.05.2020 - 21:23
Rating: 8
I really enjoyed this one, adding to my shopping list \m/
And I see the blade fall down upon the head of lord in heaven
And Darkness falls upon the end of history
While I drink the milk of the Black Goddess and cry over the mankind

Black Moses is my name...
11.05.2020 - 05:01
Rating: 9
Great! Album in overall is maybe not perfect, but there are some real masterpieces: for me those are Defiance of Fate, Heart of Darkness and Outer Reaches. Those make this album even 9/10. Some tracks are just average but others - thanks to brilliant drums, sophisticated guitars, incredeable vocals and gentle chorus - are really great! This is the album worth to buy to listen and keep for next generations. I'm really impressed and I'm counting for more great music on next release. I noticed even my wife shaken her head when Warbringer was played
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