Ulcerate - Stare Into Death And Be Still

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Release date: 24 April 2020
Style: Technical death metal


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01. The Lifeless Advance
02. Exhale The Ash
03. Stare Into Death And Be Still
04. There Is No Horizon
05. Inversion
06. Visceral Ends
07. Drawn Into The Next Void
08. Dissolved Orders

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To once again quote a fellow user and reviewer who was wise before I was:

"This album is Ulcerate's The Eye Of Every Storm."

published 19.04.2020 | Comments (9)

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02.05.2020 - 03:05
Rating: 5
Every Ulcerate album sounds exactly the same to me
04.05.2020 - 18:52
Rating: 6
Morbid Angel 13
It doesn't float me boat.
It's a tad too complicated and a little up it's own arse with polyrhythms. Not to mention that every single track sounds pretty much the same...
07.05.2020 - 01:04
Rating: 9
Incredible, this will probably be my Metal AOTY.
09.05.2020 - 16:17
Rating: 9
You know, Ulcerate was always a bit too much for me. I love Gorguts and most of the bands that followed their path, and every Ulcerate record I've heard until now sounded interesting, but nothing more. Like their songwriting never felt very refined and the songs rarely blew me away. I still respected them madly because of the unique style. Enter Stare Into Death And Be Still, an album which adds more variety to their style, which has like half of their best songs and consistently keeps me on the edge of my seat. It is a bit too long, and there could be a bit more of those atmospheric sections which were killer, but it's the first Ulcerate record that I truly love, and it's probably my metal AOTY for now. Great feeling, to finally love the band which I couldn't get into before.
10.05.2020 - 19:00
Rating: 9
Ulcerate went a bit closer to Nero di Marte's sound (pre-Immoto) here in terms of making things a bit more spacious, and in doing so turned from a band I appreciated to one that I dig hard. This is a fantastic album
03.06.2020 - 20:18
Rating: 6
Think I am not a fan of their style. Found all the songs same.
In the beginning I was made of clay. Then I bit the apple and they changed me to metal 🤘
12.06.2020 - 18:50
Rating: 9
Au Pays Natal
The post metal aesthetics is the major difference in this album compared to rest. Love it.
14.07.2020 - 02:28
Rating: 7
Aries Rising
So boring...
18.09.2020 - 09:52
Rating: 9
Jesus Christ, this band has a planet-crushing sound. The dissonance entrances me.

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