Live Burial - Forced Back To Life

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Release date: 18 April 2016
Style: Death metal

01. Screams From The Morgue
02. Forced Back To Life
03. Age Of Oblivion
04. Sleep Paralysis [feat. Sarah Bramley]
05. Beyond Death
06. Mocata's Revenge
07. Hung Above The Meat Grinder
08. Enter The Chapel Of Splatter

Jamie Brown - vocals
Rob Hindmarsh - guitars
Richard Codling - guitars
Matthew Henderson - drums
Lee Anderson - bass

Guest musicians
Sarah Bramley - vocals
Slasher Dave - keyboards

Additional info
Recorded at First Avenue Studios (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK) by Dave "The Mixing Desk Slave" Curle.
Mixing and mastering by Dan Lowndes of Resonance Sound Studios.

"Screams From The Morgue" written and performed by Slasher Dave of Acid Witch.

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