Heavy Lord - From Cosmos To Chaos

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Release date: March 2006
Style: Doom metal, Sludge metal


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01. Elephaunt
02. Scorpion Sting
03. The Ego Has Landed
04. One In A Billion
05. While Empires Burn

Additional info
Stoner/Sludge Doom Metal
2006 - Solitude Records - Netherlands

Jeff - Guitars
Steven - Vocals and Bass
808 - Drums
Wes Lee - Guitars

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With a name like Heavy Lord it really isn't very hard to guess what sort of music this Dutch band plays. Yes - it's the oppressively heavy type of doom metal with sludge and stoner tendencies, influenced by bands like Cathedral, Eyehategod and Crowbar (and of course by the immortal Black Sabbath). Luckily, on From Cosmos To Chaos the band also displays a good sense of dynamics and knows how to vary things a little bit (think Acid Bath-lite) and the result is a record that although far from ground-breaking, is nevertheless quite enjoyable to listen and headbang to.

published 28.06.2006 | Comments (2)

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