Haggard - Progressive [EP]

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Release date: 1994
Style: Experimental death metal


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01. Charity Absurd
02. Mind Mutilation
03. Incapsuled
04. Progressive
05. Daddy Was Her First Man

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Haggard's " Progressive " demo is completely different from the more known side of Haggard people recognize. At this time Haggard did not have any symphonic elements.

Haggard was probably born from the huge extreme metal trend/movement in Europe in the late eighties and the beginning of the nineties. Progressive was actually well named, it is indeed progressive and experimental. More precisely a smart, outstanding and ORIGINAL Progressive Death Metal attempt. Really, "Progressive" was actually a sound prelude to the more refined sound of "And Thou… Shalt Trust The Seer" and their symphonic era's prequel. This release is really muddy, dark and offers to the listener a complex and interesting travel through different medieval themes of it's lyrics. Lyrics are, in my opinion, goodly written and really enhances the atmosphere of this release. Also, Every instrument has its specific roles and nothing is left behind and neglected, which is good for a self produced mini CD. Musically speaking, as I said, it can be labelled as Progressive Death Metal, due to the different influences it drew it's influence from, also melodies are extremely present here. For example lead guitars went sometimes from medieval to classic, then suddenly turning into a Persian/Arabic soloing style. Also, it is slow paced. As a matter of fact the subtle melodies slowly progress and evolve with time giving a more solid and satisfactory listening experience. Death Metal grunts are predominant however there are some grief stricken melodic singing passages that really fit in and do not ruin the whole picture (or sound if you want!).

published 18.01.2007 | Comments (2)

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