Morbid Angel - Formulas Fatal To The Flesh

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Release date: 24 February 1998
Style: Death metal


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01. Heaving Earth
02. Prayer Of Hatred
03. Bil Ur-Sag
04. Nothing Is Not
05. Chambers Of Dis
06. Disturbance In The Great Slumber
07. Umulamahri
08. Hellspawn: The Rebirth
09. Covenant Of Death
10. Hymn To A Gas Giant
11. Invocation Of The Continual One
12. Ascent Through The Spheres
13. Hymnos Rituales De Guerra
14. Trooper

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22.03.2010 - 02:14
Rating: 8
Excellent album considering that vincent is missing. tucker is a great replacement!

bad point the awfull instrumentals.
Υou've sold your human essence to the cold world of dead and empty things... You're SOLD!
19.05.2012 - 01:10
Rating: 8
This is the best album of the Steve Tucker Period, and a great Morbid Angel album in its own right, This and Gateways are at least on par with Domination to me.
19.05.2012 - 15:56
I really like this album and agree with it being the best of the Steve Tucker era. I like it better than Blessed and Domination personally.
02.03.2013 - 02:00
Account deleted
Its overlong and contains many unnecessary deviations. Some of the songs seem like they were thrown together without too much thought behind them. Other than these flaws some of this album is still great to listen to.
12.05.2014 - 21:14
Rating: 7
Nihil's Maw
This album has more organic production than Domination, akin to that of Covenant, but most of the songs are aimless and just wander around trying for brutality. Don't get me wrong, still a fun album, but it's got its flaws. Most of the instrumentals are kinda crap, too, though "Hymn to a Gas Giant" makes for a good prelude to "Invocation of the Continual One".

"Nothing is Not" has a great opening riff and is overall a great track, though.
13.05.2014 - 02:08
Rating: 7
Nihil's Maw
Written by deadone on 13.05.2014 at 01:41

Totally agree with the above.

IMO FFttF was the start of Morbid Angel's decline.

Probably, but I still think that Gateways to Annihilation was a step up from FFttF. Sure, it had the overproduced sound of Domination, but it beats out FFttF in being more cohesive, and it beats out Domination by hitting a little harder. After that, Heretic was kinda ass, with only a couple good tracks and a bunch of stupid crap. We all know how IDI turned out, so I won't really talk about that one.
13.05.2014 - 02:30
Rating: 7
Nihil's Maw
Written by deadone on 13.05.2014 at 02:11

I agree that Gateways was better than FFttF in terms of the music.

I actually love Domination but found FFttF had some really awful "songs".

I'll need to give Gateways another try. My brother swears by that album.

And yes Heretic was ass. From memory it was like a shittier version of FFtF. I think I liked one song on that one.

Domination is great, too, to be sure. I just like Gateways slightly more. And I think the only track I really like on Heretic is the opening track, which is why I've never bothered to buy that album.
03.06.2017 - 05:59
Written by @gent_-_orange on 19.05.2012 at 01:10

This is the best album of the Steve Tucker Period

I remember Gateways being better than this. Gonna have to re listen.
07.04.2018 - 03:37
It could have been better than Domination but the last minutes are damn worthless.
By blood... Resurrection?
By body... Redemption?
By God... Domination?
By Pilate... Crucifixion!
21.01.2020 - 00:13
Rating: 8
Wow Nothing Is Not sounds like a Gojira song sooooo much! Morbid Angel must have been a great inspiration for them.

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