Acid Mammoth - Caravan

Release date: 5 March 2021
Style: Doom metal, Stoner metal


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01. Berserker
02. Psychedelic Wasteland
03. Ivory Towers
04. Caravan
05. Black Dust


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23.02.2021 - 20:57
When it comes to extinct animals yearned there seems to be a distinctive connection we collectively have in particular for mammoths.

This stems from a likely combination of having similarities to how elephants are socially comparable to us deeper than the other titans by how we have clashed, related and worked more on each occasion in rich admiration. Another can be us overall as a species feeling a sense of guilt. Debt in yearning particularly for their extinction that I find myself increasing on that subject as a whole for most icons.

Bout time these magnificent beasts get the attention but they're in a so close yet so far situation on the personality that Mastodon equally struggled to contextualise their sound with by names and art. I'd be happy to hear a change but it's sadly naive to expect. Same shit I have to Slugdge, also in need of a serious soundcheck makeover having a unique look and not incorporating it into the music that is standardly-boringly safe Metal Storm award hipster standard substance as it is already. The art and names will not completely save them as it is half of the important coin.

The performance is there, but they don't sound good on record, a popular flaw amongst doom, stoner, and the overrated filled lands of sludge & post. If they incorporate more experimental risks of animal /tribal/ occult folk/ primitive psych soundscapes, unusual time signatures/ unpredictable directions combining with tweaking the sound for each instrument to be tighter in the direction they will sound unimaginably better off.

The ice age is such a stronghold of an overlooked topic yearning that needs music of equal measure.

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