Staurophagia - Spaceforming

Release date: 10 April 2021
Style: Ambient black metal, Dark Ambient

01. Lord Of All
02. Immanis Diruptio
03. Wuji / Taiji
04. Rūăḥ-𒀭-Naṭarāja, The Primordial Architect
05. The Psycology Of Creation
06. Smoking Opal And Laccaria Masoniae
07. Spaceforming
08. Polonium Based Lifeforms
09. Dawn Of The Magnetar
10. Corium Dew
11. Requiem For The Forgotten Land Of Aris And Its King Targon
12. Moiieinzkiuw, The Relics Eater
13. The Pulsating Cathedral Of Rotten Flesh, Molybdenum And Bufotenin


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24.02.2021 - 00:51
Spoons crossing that this will at least venture into the realm of above-average or big boys/ mastapieces lands and not the plain jane, saturated "very-good" purgatory plainlands of '8's'.

Looking at the reveals Paul Gaugin and Summoning ain't got shit on this.

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