Folkearth - By The Sword Of My Father

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Release date: 1 August 2006
Style: Folk metal


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01. Introduction
02. The Lady's Gift
03. By The Sword Of My Father
04. Naglfar Sets Sail
05. The Death Of Beowulf
06. Instrumental
07. Skaldic Art
08. Domain Of Darksome Ravens
09. Returne To Waelhalle
10. Heathenpride [Falkenbach cover]
11. Elves
12. Invictus
13. Wisdom Of Wolves
14. Sailing A'Viking
15. Tribute To Viking Gods
16. Journey Ends (outro)

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It takes only one look at the inlay of this CD to see how incredibly complex this band actually is. The band's picture says more than any of the 300 words inside this review. It seems like someone took a quarter of the entire European population and decided to make a band...a very good band actually...stripe insanely amazing and talented band... Folkearth features thirty-something "famous" individuals from other Folk metal bands that many of us love and worship, so you know you're getting into "the best of the best" in music terms with this ensemble.

published 23.01.2008 | Comments (4)

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