The Elysian Fields - We...The Enlightened

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Release date: 1999
Style: Black metal, Melodic death metal


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01. Their Blood Be On Us
02. I Am The Unknown Sky
03. Until The Night Cries Rise In Your Heart
04. ...And The Everdawn Faded Away
05. Shall They Come Forth Unto Us
06. Arcana Caelestia
07. The End Shall Be Tragically Fulfilled
08. The Last Star Of Heaven Falls
09. Wither, Oh Divine, Wither

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28.09.2014 - 20:55
Rating: 9
Gem Seeker
Excellent mix of melodic death and melodic black. Highly recommended for fans of both genres.
04.02.2019 - 00:25
Rating: 9
Wow, what an album! Such a shame I have missed it over all the years.
I am grateful and indebted to
Written by Starvynth on 25.01.2019 at 21:37

for suggesting it to me. (Plus, you also opened my eyes to Ancient God of Evil!)
Gave it some 20-30 spins in recent weeks.
My rate is probably distorted now due to heavy spinning over a short period of time. But anyway, I will have it at 8.5 now, I guess.
This album comes up with so many interesting elements, turning points, shifts of pace, I find it hard to judge it track by track (I occasionally tend to lose track as to where I am, still same track, already next one -- but that doesnt matter at all, just let it go on forever...).
While "The last star of heaven falls" and in particular "I am the unknown sky" stand out somewhat for me because they are pretty catchy by their melodies, I wouldnt just say they are the best songs.
This is an opus in total, track skiping prohibited.
Guess I am going to check out some more albums by these guys. Though I probably shouldnt have highest hopes here I am afraid.
27.03.2019 - 13:54
Rating: 9
While the slightly harsh production may put some listeners off, this album is filled with great, well-written melodies and riffs. What's most impressive is it's consistency from start to finish.

I agree with Redel in that each track tends to be equally as good, but for me the 7 minute 'Arcana Caelestia' is the stand-out track. From the spoken-word intro to it's melodic chord choices paired with tremolo-picked lead lines in it's extended instrumental sections, the whole track is impressive from start to finish.

Overall, an underrated gem that deserves its place as a great melodic death/black metal album.
05.04.2019 - 16:25
Rating: 9
i c deaf people
Strange things are happening here...
This album has been widely ignored for a couple of years, but then and all over sudden, three reactions are popping up and three times in a row, a glorious 9/10 taing has been placed.
Rightly so!

Lost my CD around 2002 due to a car accident and it took me ages to find a physical copy at a reasonable price. This is a true gem and it's hard to tell any outstanding songs, the complete album bears a very consistent splendidness.
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