Íon - Madre, Protégenos

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Release date: 2006
Style: Neofolk


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01. Madre, Protégenos
02. O Efeito Do Verão
03. Learpholl
04. Anathema Maranatha
05. Believe
06. Ultreia
07. Goodbye Johnny Dear
08. Fé, Esperanza, Amor
09. Beyond The Morning

Additional info
Ethereal / World Music
Label: Equilibrium Music
To buy the album: http://www.equilibriummusic.com
Ireland: 2006
Length: 39:34

Line-Up on the CD:
Vocals: Emily A. Saaen
Vocals: Valentina Buroni
Vocals: Marcela Bovio
Vocals: Mark Kelson
Vocals: Gustavo Roberto Mateo
Guitars, bass, piano, keyboards, autoharp, percussions, vocals: Duncan Patterson
Tambouras, vocal: Teresa Christodoulou
Flute, clarinet: Emily Bly
Mandoline, viola: Shane Wearen
Harp: Áine O'Neill
Classical guitars: Antonis Konstantelos
Percussions: Vangelis Yalamas
Percussions: Keith Horan
Drums: Michael Cronin

Staff review by
Let's talk a bit about something which is not so Metal today. Well, not really Metal but a bit probably since that the main compositor is Mr Duncan Patterson, famous for his participations in Antimatter and of course, Anathema. A bit Metal also because ION is extremely dark not so far away of Doom and Folk Metal music, but well yes "Madre Protegenos" must be classified into the Ethereal / World Music scene. Is it a problem? No, definitely as always our Irish compositor is as his top and I'm sure that all the ones who like this kind of music will find a real interest in this "Madre Protegenos".

published 07.12.2006 | Comments (6)

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