Annihilator - Never, Neverland

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Release date: 12 September 1990
Style: Thrash metal


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01. The Fun Palace
02. Road To Ruin
03. Sixes And Sevens
04. Stonewall
05. Never, Neverland
06. Imperiled Eyes
07. Kraf Dinner
08. Phantasmagoria
09. Reduced To Ash
10. I Am In Command

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Never, Neverland is the second album by the Canadian thrash metal band Annihilator released in 1990. Their previous album Alice in Hell, released just one year before, was a real success and quickly became a classic thrash metal album. The song "Never, Neverland" is about the story of a young girl, locked in a room for many years by her fanatic grandmother, but finally freed by policemen. Just like in Alice in Hell, the title track is about the true and gloomy story of a young girl. Never, Neverland is a good prequel to such a successful album. In fact it is an even better album than Alice in Hell, even if some people think their debut album was their best.

published 19.02.2012 | Comments (6)

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22.12.2009 - 23:32
Rating: 10
blizzard tyrant
If u ask me, this is a perfect album 10 pts
23.12.2009 - 15:07
Yeah! jeff is awseome guitar player,this album is all about thrash.
Will the ones who live after our end
Worship the goddamn cross again?
28.12.2009 - 20:20
Rating: 8
This album is absolutely mindblowing, the only thing that prevents me giving a 10 for this one is the song Kraf Dinner. Don't like it...
26.01.2010 - 23:17
Rating: 9
Metal slave
^ i remember calling this guy a moron for saying that but now my post is gone.....perhaps i hurt his feelings...

i absolutely love this album...thrash with a little speed. great guitar tone (not too thrashy) and the guys voice is perfectly suited for this style...a little rough sometimes...melodic other times

24.03.2011 - 17:55
Rating: 9
Jeff Waters's best album, no doubt.
10.05.2011 - 00:39
Rating: 10
Apparently a lot of people liked Alice in Hell better, since it has a higher rating. I disagree; it's good, but not as good as this. The variety and tonal complexity of the rhythm guitar licks and the mind-bending complexity and melodic quality of Jeff Water's solos just completely blew me away. Waters is just an amazing composer as well as guitarist!
28.08.2011 - 01:37
Rating: 10
Love this album. and Kraf Dinner makes me laugh i don't see why people don't like it
\m/ Next thing you know they'll take my thought away! \m/
04.01.2012 - 20:39
Rating: 9
A personal favourite, even if 'Alice in hell' catapulted them straight into thrash metal stardom. The bass here is much more audible than on the debut, though 'Kraf Dinner' is one of the silliest songs ive ever heard.
04.01.2012 - 20:42
Rating: 10
Angelic Storm
This is my fave Annihilator album. Melody and thrash have never been fused better than on this album. As for "Kraf Dinner", I love it! It's a fun song, and I love the guitar work in it too.
05.01.2012 - 02:30
Rating: 10
Written by Angelic Storm on 04.01.2012 at 20:42

Melody and thrash have never been fused better than on this album.

Couldn't agree more. It's done so perfectly that this album really stands out and I have yet to hear Thrash quite like it.
05.01.2012 - 03:48
Rating: 10
Angelic Storm
Written by R'Vannith on 05.01.2012 at 02:30
Couldn't agree more. It's done so perfectly that this album really stands out and I have yet to hear Thrash quite like it.

It really is an album that stands totally on it's own soundwise. Even within Annihilator's own discography. It at times, is almost too melodic to be thrash, but yet there is enough aggression and thrash on the album to ensure it remains firmly inside that genre. It is a thrash album, but pushes the boundaries of how melodic that genre can be. And I don't think any other album blurs the lines between melody and thrash quite as much as this one does.
13.03.2014 - 07:20
Account deleted
I was absolutely letdown by this compared to the awesome Alice In Hell. Nothing at all memorable about this album except for the silly Kraf Dinner.
04.08.2014 - 15:35
Rating: 9
Fuckin Awesome Album!!!
I Love Kraf Dinner!!!
Jeff Waters
24.02.2015 - 07:49
Rating: 4
Dr. Strawberry
24.03.2015 - 18:34
Rating: 10
Tomas Piller
Fantastic thrash! Easily one of the very best.

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