7000 Dying Rats - Season In Hell

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Release date: 2007
Style: Experimental death metal, Grindcore


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01. Intro
02. Altar Of Goat Skulls
03. Hack To Bits
04. Bigfoot Destroy
05. Annihilator The Devastator
06. Argument At Your Local Indie Record Store
07. Your Studied Indifference Is Duly Noted
08. Satanium Bloodlust
09. We Want Weez-E
10. Eddie Money
11. Balls Of Bigotry
12. Alzheimerz
13. Death Hammer Of The Bearded Ones
14. Rock n Roll Weapon
15. Baby Crusher
16. Horrible
17. Blondies
18. Paranoid
19. The Wound (Gapeth Open)
20. A Real Kneeslapper
21. Jesus Farted
22. Forced Boat
23. We Had "Dying" In Our Name way Before All Those Metalcore Cocksuckers Came Along
24. Grind Fluffer
25. Funeral March
26. Balled Of Chico
27. Hellcatcher
28. Outro

Staff review by
Well, what I've heard is that this band has been around since 1992 with at least 30 line-up changes; to tell you the truth this is the first time I ever hear this name, this fact annoys me as 7000 Dying Rats is a band that surely will drill your forehead with each musical punch in their record.

The band plays (what they call) "Comedy-Grind"; the music is really interesting actually, very similar to what people like Scott Hull would play (Pig Destroyer, Agoraphobic nosebleed etc.) the "Comedy" bit comes with the lyrics and the song-titles…what sucks is that they didn't add the lyrical content in the booklet, so it's more about titles than anything. Musically they are really freaking intense, fast and powerful as a machine-gun and brutally cohered as anything you've heard before.

published 22.02.2007 | Comments (3)

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