Koldbrann - Nekrotisk Inkvisition

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Release date: April 2003
Style: Black metal


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01. Fortapelse i Svovel og Helvetesild
02. Kaosmanifest
03. Koldbrann
04. Liturgi i Dissonans
05. Fra Allfars Veg
06. Korpus Sepsis
07. Den Endelige
08. Phlegetons Bredder
09. Inkvisitor Renegat

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So I spent some time listening to Koldbrann's "Nekrotisk Inkvisition", analysed the music and decided to put the impressions down in writing. Koldbrann are representatives of the Norwegian black metal field. "Nekrotisk Inkvisition" was released in 2003 being their first album.

Film-like special sound effects introduce the first track "Fortapelse I Svovel Og Helvetesild" and the Norwegian black metallers start playing their debut work. The vocalist performs reasonably well singing the text of the songs clearly rather than just screeching as some musicians do. The clear pronunciation of the text while using extreme vocal technique is quite a challenge and singers don't always succeed. It's nice to hear that Koldbrann manages the task fine. The lyrics in the Norwegian language are best choice for creating the original atmosphere. Even if the listener isn't a Norwegian speaker the sound of the language is music itself and in this case fits the composition very well. Scandinavian spirit emerges.

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