Devious - Domain

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Release date: 2007
Style: Death metal


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01. Entrance...
02. Room 302
03. Incantation Of The Earthbound
04. Boundless Domain
05. Misanthropic Entities
06. Suoived Pt.II
07. The Repentance
08. Third World Suicide
09. Days Of Disorder
10. Dead Cannibal Civilization
11. Shibito
12. Lowest In The Foodchain

Additional info
Country: Netherlands
Label: Feity Down Records
Genre: Death Metal

Staff review by
If an intro including a quote of Braveheart doesn't hint you about where this CD is going, then you are more lost than a 12 year old dude taking a quantum physics test…what sucks is that I blindly fell into the trap, and while I was thinking this would be a Doom/Folk album, the first song sucker-punched me and delivered Death Metal in a very brutal yet melodic form, so why did these guys decide to add a quote from a Mel Gibson movie? Damn it I don't know…

published 14.04.2007 | Comments (2)

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