Canopy - Serene Catharsis

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Release date: 26 June 2006
Style: Melodic death metal


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01. And Oceans
02. The Lie That You Once Told
03. Firmament (Part I)
04. Firmament (Part II)
05. Concentric
06. Last Point Of Reference
07. The Bleeding Earth
08. We Are Not To Be Of This World
09. Subtle
10. Serene Catharsis

Additional info
Recorded: Sawmill studios stureby
Produced by: Jonatan Hedlin
Mixing: Ola Englund
Mastering: Peter in de Betou

Logo & Artwork: Peter Ahlmgren

Antonio Ravina da Silva - vocals in Concentric
Fredrik Segell- guitarsolo in W.A.N.T.B.O.T.W
Johannes Zetterberg - fretless bass in Subtle and add. keyboard arrangements
Vic Bristol - percussion

Staff review by
Do you think Melodic Death Metal died? You couldn't be more wrong, Canopy offers one of the best Melodious attacks this year, "Serene Catharsis" marks the rebirth of a crumbled scene. A genre that lately saw its limbs turned into pansy fudge now becomes stronger than ever with this Canadian band.

I'm not calling Canopy an "innovative" band, and I'm surely not saying these guys are better than Entombed, Dismember, The Chasm or any of the genre pioneers, I'm argumenting that they are reforming the genre, that they CAN be as good as their forefathers were if they only want to. Forget about In Flames or Arch Enemy they are posers, don't even mention Bleeding Through or Chimaira they don't fit in here, you just need to remember one name from now on, that is Canopy.

published 14.05.2007 | Comments (3)

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