Zombie Destrüktion - Tales Of Morbid Mummification

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Release date: 2007
Style: Death metal


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01. Braaains!
02. Decapitating Ninja Death Cult
03. Grinding The Spleen
04. Mummified In Mexico
05. Mutilation Of The Unborn
06. Brothers In Gore
07. Pirates Of Cary B. Aaargh!
08. Mutate To Mutilate
09. March Of The Mummy Brigade
10. Extreme Pestilence Of The Mummies

Additional info
Death Metal with melodic and rock 'n' roll touches

Sweden 2007

Thomas Clifford (Cary B. Aaargh) - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Markus Porsklev (The Mexican Mummy) - Drums, Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Mikael Porsklev (The Butcher) - Guitars, Vocals, Bass


for more info mail to band@zombiedestruktion.net

Staff review by
Marcel Hubregtse
When coming across a band name such as Zombie Destrüktion and their full-length demo's name (Tales Of Morbid Mummification) the first thing that springs to mind is: Brace yourself for some old-school splatter/death metal. This feeling is enhanced by the cover artwork courtesy of Ivan S. Bragin of Deadhouse Art (also responsible for Amon Amarth, Paganizer, Woods Of Ypres).
So what do these Swedish destructors of zombies bring? Groovy death metal with melodic and rock 'n' roll touches sometimes even bordering on death 'n' roll. Zombie Destrüktion was however originally intended to be an old-school splatter/death metal project with gory lyrics, but when in 2005 Markus was brought in on guitars their sound shifted towards a more complex and technical, yet brutal melodic amalgamation of death metal styles. And the lyrical concept no longer existed of zombies and gore only, but also of pirates, ninjas, butchers, and Mexican mummies.
Although this is a demo the sound is perfect, heavy yet clear and no annoying triggers on the drums. The drums sound organic, thank god. Nowadays this is a rarity in death metal (and also thrash metal by the way). Call me an old fart for preferring my drum sound organic. I'd rather hear a drummer miss a beat than listen to annoying mechanical drums.
Braaains! starts this half hour of groovy death metal off in a more straightforward old-school splatter death metal way. Come song number two, Decapitating Ninja Death Cult, the death metal starts to groove and swing with especially the guitars adding melodic touches and the bass laying the groove foundation. All ten songs (and to a lesser extent Braaains!) swing like an udder without losing any power. At times the choruses are so damn catchy that they stick with you for days. Example in case being the chorus to Mummified In Mexico (I'm mummified in Mexico. Reanimated to devour.)
Considering this is Zombie Destrüktion's debut demo it is one hell of a demo. Some originality already there in their sound (mixing brutality, gore, splatter, melody and death 'n' roll), fun lyrics, and songs consisting of a head and tail, able musicians who are able to produce memorable riffs and hooks.
Why I don't know, but whenever I put on this cd the next thing I wanna do is put on some The Accüsed afterwards. Is it the ü in their respective names, is it their fun and splatterish approach to thrash/hardcore in The Accüsed's and death metal in Zombie Destrüktion's case, while both bands never losing a good song out of sight?
Who cares, let's all mutate to mutilate and subsequently join the decapitating ninja death cult.
And off he runs singing: I'm mummified in Mexico. Reanimated to devour.
published 22.05.2007 | Comments (9)

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