Farsot - IIII

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Release date: 29 October 2007
Style: Black metal


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01. Thematik: Hass
02. Hass - Angst
03. Thematik: Angst
04. Angst - Tod
05. Thematik: Tod
06. Tod - Trauer
07. Thematik: Trauer

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Farsot is a German five-headed Black Metal monster that spawned into this wicked world in 1999 AD. After eight years of sweat and blood and two demos (which are unknown to me), they have finally released their début album "IIII." No, that's not a spelling mistake and yes, that should have been "IV" if they are intended to be Roman characters. It seems to be some sort of tradition of this band to name their music and members with random codes. Their first demo bears the name of "042103Freitod" and one of the band members calls himself 10.XIXt (the vocalist).

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