Hail Of Bullets - CDemo 2007 [Demo]

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Release date: September 2007
Style: Death metal


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01. General Winter
02. Red Wolves Of Stalin
03. Ordered Eastward
04. Advancing Once More

Martin van Drunen - vocals
Paul Baayens - guitars
Stephan Gebédi - guitars
Ed Warby - drums
Theo van Eekelen - bass

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What do you get when you bring five Dutch metalheads together, each with a more-than-worthy history (Asphyx, Thanatos, and Houwitser), who form a band wherein the sole purpose is to recreate some of the most devastating sounds of the last century? A fucking orgasm of war!

Hail of Bullets aren't out to be faster than anyone, or more brutal, or more true, they're just out to kick ass, and trust me, they certainly do. From the first kick of "General Winter" to the last crash of "Advancing Once More" you know you're in for one killer ride. To set words to the music would be futile, but you can imagine the music to be a big ass bludgeoning tank rolling across frost bitten lands running down its enemies. At times the music can be slow and crushing, yet at other times can be fast and pummeling all the same.

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