Michael Harris - Ego Decimation Profile

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Release date: 1993
Style: Neoclassical , Progressive metal


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01. Forewarning
02. Vicious Uppercut
03. Stratus-Fear
04. Julius Seizure
05. Pawn to King IV
06. Grandscape
07. Hair On the E String
08. Freudian Trip
09. Brainwarp
10. Terminus Epic

Staff review by
Baz Anderson
"Ego Decimation File" is a re-master of the 1996 Michael Harris release to sound newer, fuller and more modern in line with the class and quality of production of releases these days. This album is an entirely instrumental album with very good musicianship right the way through. The music is particularly progressive with lots of twists and turns in places you do not anticipate. Grand symphonies are seemingly ever present in the background with a constant barrage of guitar work in the foreground.

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