Falconer - Sceptre Of Deception

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Release date: 2003
Style: Folk metal, Power metal


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01. The Coronation
02. The Trail Of Flames
03. Under The Sword
04. Night Of Infamy
05. Hooves Over Northland
06. Pledge For Freedom
07. Ravenhair
08. The Sceptre Of Deception
09. Hear Me Pray
10. Child Of Innocence
11. The Gate [Track bonus]

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And so it's time for Swedish "Falconer" to release their third album, since the debut "Falconer" in 2001.
The new addition for the Discography is the album "The Sceptre of Deception" which also is the first with there new vocalist Kristoffer Göbel.

After last year's success with the album "Chapters From a Vale Forlorn" did "Falconer" go separate ways with their singer Mattias Blad of personal reason (The band wanted to tour more but Mattias couldn't couse of his family). So "Falconer" went on hunt for a new singer and found Kristoffer that also is singing in a band called "Destiny". But Mattias is not out of the picture, he still helps the band with backvocals and some song writing.

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28.12.2010 - 22:50
Rating: 9
Good review. It's funny though, as much as I think I dislike this vocalist I find myself listening to this album more than "Among Beggars and Thieves". And that's saying a lot for Falconer's discography. I actually think if the name "Falconer" wasnt attatched to this album this would be a lot more popular. It sounds a lot like some new Ensiferum songs to me and has some background chanting. This album may be the most solid of them all as far as song writting, it's just different. There is really no wastefulness anywhere on this album, all the guitar melodies and even vocal melodies are very well written.

For anyone not sure how to approach this album, It might help to think of it as the oddity or clult classic in Falconer's career. "Grime vs Grandeur" is indeed a not so good album and it's easy to assosciate this vocalist with it, but "Sceptre Of Deception" is very different. Some of the guitar riffs on this album are classics within the genre, rare and epic riffs like heard on some Ensiferum, Forefather, and In Flames songs.

I would love to write a full review for this. It's one of the few Falconer albums I can actually listen all the way through which doesnt break its atmosphere. This album is a classic folk metal album, one of the best, and an entirely different beast than the Falconer we know. Next year Falconer is releasing a purely folk based all swedish sung album entitled "Armod". For those who skipped Sceptre, its time to take a second look.
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