Agalloch - The Mantle

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Release date: 13 August 2002
Style: Atmospheric black metal, Neofolk


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01. A Celebration For The Death Of Man...
02. In The Shadow Of Our Pale Companion
03. Odal
04. I Am The Wooden Doors
05. The Lodge
06. You Were But A Ghost In My Arms
07. The Hawthorne Passage
08. ...And The Great Cold Death Of The Earth
09. A Desolation Song

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Top 200 albums of all time: 8

John Haughm - vocals, guitars, drums, percussion, ebow, woodchimes, samples
Donald L. Anderson - guitars, piano
Jason William Walton - bass, noisescape

Additional musicians:
Danielle Norton - trombone
Ty Brubaker - double bass, accordion
Ronn Chick - synths, mandolin, bells, programming
Aaron Sholes - samples
Neta Smolack - samples

Staff review by
Demonic Tutor
In the true musical lineage of Opeth and Katatonia, Agalloch is one of these mystic and melancholic bands, excelling at playing a smart blend of Doom Metal and few elements from Melodic Death Metal, such as the voice a la Dark Tranquillity. Established as one of the best combos in their style and one of America's most interesting bands, Agalloch was founded in Portland, Oregon in late 1995. After a couple of demos, they scored a deal with The End Records in 1998 and their debut album Pale Folklore was released in 1999. In 2001, a limited MCD entitled Of Stone, Wind and Pillor was released and they then worked on today's chapter, their second full-length album, The Mantle. Agalloch is composed by John Haughm , Don Anderson and Jason William Walton .

published 03.06.2004 | Comments (20)

Guest review by
Agalloch are a band that I have only recently started listening to, but they are the first band in a long time that I have fallen in love with instantly. Most of my favourites have grown on me overtime but there was something about The Mantle that captured me immediately.

I tend to listen to cleaner vocal songs, although there are death metal bands I like, but I thought I would be put off by Haughm's raspy blackened vocals. Instead I found them really beautiful the way they weave in and out of the music. That was the thing that struck me most about Agalloch: the beauty of it. The general formula seems to be power chords on electric guitar with gentle twangy acoustic melodies over the top. This works really nicely and the juxtaposition of the heavy and the soft is mirrored when Haugm's vocals become more tuneful. The first time this occurs is in "In The Shadow of Our Pale Companion"-the magnum opus of the album and Agalloch's best along with "Not Unlike the Waves" four years later. The rasps and whispers build up to an epic sounding tuneful cry which gives me shivers every time. The vocals then vary between these two styles, as well as monotone almost talking and whispers through the rest of the album, in a very fluid way. There is no clean verse to harsh verse pattern; it all blends into each other.

published 30.01.2014 | Comments (23)

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Written by VIG on 03.09.2016 at 16:44


wish i could listen to it for the first time again
03.09.2016 - 19:16
Marcel Hubregtse
Grumpy Old Fuck
A Desolation Song is the perfect closer for this album.
Member of the true crusade against European Flower Metal

Yesterday is dead and gone, tomorrow is out of sight
Dawn Crosby (r.i.p.)
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03.09.2016 - 21:14
Rating: 10
Everything here is 10/10. =v
I'm derp.
21.09.2016 - 21:22
Rating: 10
My favourite metal album so far. Magnificent.
15.11.2016 - 20:53
Rating: 9
Written by Arcanewind on 26.08.2016 at 18:41

I'm finally, very very slowly learning to appreciate this album and this band. Can't wait for the right moment to listen to this in the winter by the fireplace with a glass of mulled wine in my hand.

And that time has come, rather sooner than I had expected. It's snowing (has been for days, even though it is only November), there's a fire warming my room, mulled wine to drink and this album. Perfect, absolutely perfect. Sometimes life's good
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12.12.2016 - 18:47
Rating: 9
From Atmospheric Black Metal to Folk Metal, Dark Folk, Neofolk, Doom Metal, Post-Rock, Progressive Metal, I hear all of them in this fuckin album, still impressive.

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