Consciousness Removal Project - Promo 2008 [Demo]

Release date: 2008
Style: Post-metal

01. Inhale
02. Exhale
03. From Wound To Scar

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This Finnish young ambitious quartet Consciousness Removal Project have studied their genre heroes very well. Icons such as Cult Of Luna and Neurosis have both pressed their marks on this destructive three-track demo. Mind you, the word is study and not copy.

So that means an atmosphere alternating between creeping tension-rising riffs and soothing, relaxing and tranquil instrumentals. The first two tracks, "Inhale" and "Exhale", are a perfect example of this. "Inhale" has an intro that floats in between a mellow greeting, and a disturbing, nervewrecking sung mantra. There is an inevitable horrific event bound to happen, but what? A creepy, eerie feeling that crawls underneath your skin. A guitar howls chilling feedback and there is an mysterious sign of an impending burst in the air. And though you've been warned and prepared, it overwhelmes you.

published 06.02.2008 | Comments (12)

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