Theudho - Treachery

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Release date: 2004
Style: Pagan black metal


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01. Awakening Of The Emperor
02. Tuisto
03. Amandus
04. Blót
05. The Architect
06. Foreboding Dreams
07. Rígsþula
08. The Sword Of Cheru
09. The Frozen Seas Of Atland
10. Treachery

Additional info
The first full lenght album, released on the underground label Nepherex. "Treachery" displays a huge leap forward in both song writing and production while preserving the ancient feel of the demo's.

Thematically and lyrically clinging to Germanic religion, culture and history, the music forms a synthesis of early 90's black metal, European folk and bombastic (neo-)classical music.

Jurgen: All instruments, vocals
Bastiaan: lead guitars


Erilaz: Old-Norse vocals
Mieke: Female Voice

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