Ayreon - The Human Equation

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Release date: 25 May 2004
Style: Progressive metal


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Disc I
01. Day One: Vigil
02. Day Two: Isolation
03. Day Three: Pain
04. Day Four: Mystery
05. Day Five: Voices
06. Day Six: Childhood
07. Day Seven: Hope
08. Day Eight: School
09. Day Nine: Playground
10. Day Ten: Memories
11. Day Eleven: Love

Disc II
01. Day Twelve: Trauma
02. Day Thirteen: Sign
03. Day Fourteen: Pride
04. Day Fifteen: Betrayal
05. Day Sixteen: Loser
06. Day Seventeen: Accident?
07. Day Eighteen: Realization
08. Day Nineteen: Disclosure
09. Day Twenty: Confrontation

Disc III [special edition bonus DVD]
+ Inside - Behind The Sence
+ Concept - Concept Of The Human Equation
+ Drums - Interview With Ed Warby's Drums
+ Video - Day Eleven: Love [Video}
+ Teaser - Teaser Trailer

Top 20 albums of 2004: 2
Top 200 albums of all time: 38

Arjen Anthony Lucassen - vocals, guitars, bass, mandoline, keyboards, synths, Hammond organ, lap steele guitar

Additional Musicians:
Ed Warby - drums, percussion

Marcela Bovio - vocals
Kevin James LaBrie - vocals
Mikael Åkerfeldt - vocals
Eric Clayton - vocals
Irene Jansen - vocals
Magnus Ekwall - vocals
Heather Findlay - vocals
Devon "Buddy Lackey" Graves - vocals
Devin Garret Townsend - vocals
Mike Baker - vocals

Robert Baba - violins
Marieke van der Heyden - cellos
John McManus - flute, whistle
Jeroen Goossens - flute, panpipes, didgeridoo, bassoon, recorder
Joost van den Broek - synth solo, spinet
Martin Orford - synth solo
Ken Hensley - hammond solo
Oliver Wakeman - synth solo

Peter Daltrey - voice
Yvette Boertje - voice
Boudewijn Bonebakker - transcriptions
Meri Pitkänen - cough

Staff review by
After 4 long years, one of the best musicians is back with again something… just magic… Thanks a lot for being back Arjen, thanks again for producing great stuff like you do each and every time.
My friends, the new fantastic album of Mr Lucassen through Ayreon is released now and I'm proud to say that we have here one of the most beautiful things that I've ever heard. "The Human Equation" with its fantastic guest singers combo, with its magic musicians, with its beautiful songs, is now in store and the only thing that I can say is that all the guys who pretend to be metal or music lovers must own it. Otherwise… Shame on you…

published 27.05.2004 | Comments (24)

Staff review by
After having busied himself with Ambeon and Star One the mastermind Arjen Anthony Lucassen is back with Ayreon - a project that can be equalized with the meaning of rock operas and concept albums. And this time he is back with the 6th ambitious album and as always with lots of guest singers and musicians.

Unlike previous releases this one has been accompanied with a lot of promotion that has tickled the nerves of fans for almost a year. But the wait was worth it. The album features eleven singers and great musicians of whom only drummer Ed Warby and Arjen himself have appeared on previous Ayreon albums before, a small rule Arjen introduced to keep things fresh.

published 11.06.2004 | Comments (13)

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24.05.2010 - 08:11
Rating: 10
Mehdi Taba
Mehdi Taba
I just can say that's a perfect great album.
26.01.2011 - 04:00
Account deleted
I don't know about perfect, but it's the best Ayreon album and that makes it my favorite album of all time. The only album that comes close is TBH by Kamelot, but nothing else can hold a candle to this powerful, emotional and entirely human masterpiece.
30.05.2011 - 23:28
Doesnt deserve less then a big 10
Participa no forum portugues de red hot chili peppers e ajuda-nos a crescer
14.11.2012 - 22:37
Rating: 9
Erik M.
My second favourite Ayreon release, and definitely a great album. It has probably the best story out of any album I've ever heard. That being said, I don't like all songs, hence why it's not a 10/10 for me.
22.04.2013 - 11:51
Account deleted
I finally got around to listen to this, and wow, it's really the masterpiece people say. However, it's one of those albums which needs time to get into, during the first listens it can seem boring/too mellow. But after a few more spins I really started to enjoy it, the vocals, the atmosphere, the story, the keyboard solos, everything. I still slightly prefer Into The Electric Castle, but it's a great album too.
30.07.2013 - 14:42
Rating: 10
For many metal fans, this album is a dream come true. I'm not going to call it "perfect" and raise it up to the sun in its eternal glory, (because lets face it, there is NO such album like that out there) but it IS my favourite album of all time.
Every single vocalist on the album shows off exactly what they can do. James LaBrie actually sounds BETTER than on a lot of his Dream Theater albums, and every single voice that takes the metaphorical stage on this album seems to be the star of the show.
The music is there for every kind of metal fan - you've got the folk, the prog, the heavy, the ballad... and all have been executed in high standard.
Rarely will you find an album so diverse, yet so flawlessly sewn together.
It's simply a masterpiece.
Not perfect.
But a masterpiece.
Sometimes you just need to roll the dice and look away.
26.10.2013 - 17:01
Rating: 10
R Lewis
That Useless Guy
It took a while to grow on me, but this is beyond awesome. I can't get tired of listening to it.
We could be so much more than we are. Stop.
26.11.2013 - 18:44
Rating: 9
Dead Eternity
The first time I listened to this I found it quite boring, but now I like it a lot!
25.03.2014 - 22:09
Rating: 10
R Lewis
That Useless Guy
Every now and then I take two hours for myself, lie on the sofa and play this. God how I love this album.
We could be so much more than we are. Stop.
01.09.2014 - 08:27
Rating: 10
For anyone who wants to hear an album that combines every element of what progressive music is, this is a must listen to, The Human Equation is a masterpiece.

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