Urfaust - Verräterischer, Nichtswürdiger Geist

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Release date: March 2005
Style: Black metal


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01. Dunkel, Still Von Ewigkeit
02. Ragnarök Mystiker
03. Gespinnst Des Verderbens
04. Trauerhöhle
05. Verflucht Das Blenden Der Erscheinung
06. Der Gottesverächter
07. In Den Weiten Öden Räumen

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A few weeks ago, out of my inherent love for the genre, I began browsing around on Youtube for more black metal bands to discover. There were a few standouts here and there, but most were just sticking to that raw, "trve kvlt" sound of the early Scandinavian scene. So, tired of hearing all these modern Darkthrone and Burzum imitators, I was about ready to give up my search for something original altogether, when I saw a band called Urfaust on my recommended videos list. I decided to check them out, just for the hell of it, thinking almost immediately that they were yet another band emulating the early 90s black metal sound. Boy was I in for a pleasant surprise.

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