RPWL - The Rpwl Experience

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Release date: 2008
Style: Rock


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01. Silenced
02. Breath In, Breath Out
03. Where Can I Go
04. Masters Of War
05. This Is Not A Prog Song
06. Watch Myself
07. Stranger
08. River
09. Choose What You Want To Look At
10. Turn Back The Clock
11. Scared And Alone [bonus]
12. Reach The Sun [bonus]

Additional info
Progressive Rock, Metal
Label: InsideOut
Distribution In France: Replica Records
Germany: 2008
Length: 67:01

Line-Up on the CD:
Vocals, keyboards: Yogi Lang
Guitars: Kalle Wallner
Bass: Chris Postl
Drums: Manni Müller
Keyboards: Markus Jehle

Staff review by
Fans of Riverside, Porcupine Three or even Pink Floyd, please take some minutes of your time to read this review or you'll miss something! Even if "The Rpwl Experience" is not the first album of the German combo RPWL, this is probably the album which will become a synonym to the word success. That's right on a side nowadays this kind of music is really popular (just have a look on the fanbase of Porcupine Tree and you'll understand what I meanů) but it's not an easy music and when a band like RWPL is able to write such an album, I think that you cannot have the right to miss it. "The Rpwl Experience" is one of the really good Progressive albums of the beginning of the year 2008!

published 21.03.2008 | Comments (3)

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