Crowning Glory - Path To Glory [Demo]

Release date: 2008
Style: Heavy metal

01. Sea Of Dead Dreams
02. The Other Side
03. Sands Of Time
04. In My Head [live]
05. Dead Man's Paradise [live]

Staff review by
Imagine going on a long and eventful journey. You touch down at lots of memorable places but ultimately it dawns on you that it's back home where you find real spiritual fulfilment. Well that's vaguely how I felt on listening to CG's "Path To Glory".

This is a debut release that harks back to the roots of British Metal, at a time when you had no sub-genres - just straightforward pounding Heavy Metal. 'Sea Of Dead Dreams' will have you headbanging like you hadn't done since Iron Maiden's '2 Minutes To Midnight'. 'Sands Of Time' will inspire you to play the same air-guitar you had used for "British Steel", the Judas Priest opus. And whiplash will again feel so sweet and cathartic. The two live tracks in the 2nd part of the CD are yes a cost-effective way of adding something to the CD but they're also a subtle consolidation of the brash spirit of CG's ethos.

published 24.03.2008 | Comments (2)

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