Incarnia - At The River's End [Demo]

Release date: 20 April 2008
Style: Melodic death metal

01. At The River's End
02. As The Gates Fall
03. Amidst Silence
04. Ashes Of Our Time

Additional info
Melodic Death Metal
Recorded: Canada 200? - Produced by John from Profugus Mortis
Total Running Time: 19:33

Staff review by
"At The River's End" is the second demo of this six-piece outfit hailing from Montreal, Canada. These young Canadians pride themselves on their never ending search for a unique and remarkable sound, which they try to achieve in all of their works. The current result of this search, as presented on this four song demo, is some kind of highly melodic, by times almost symphonic, variation on Death Metal. Or as the band likes to call it, "River Metal", in other words, crushing dark epic Melodic Death Metal. Anyway, however you like to call it, what's sure is that this is something worth your time and money if you like your metal full of melodic twists and turns… and with some unmistakable winks to Dark Tranquillity.

published 03.07.2008 | Comments (3)

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