Iron Maiden - The Final Frontier

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Release date: 16 August 2010
Style: Heavy metal


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01. Satellite 15... The Final Frontier
02. El Dorado
03. Mother Of Mercy
04. Coming Home
05. The Alchemist
06. Isle Of Avalon
07. Starblind
08. The Talisman
09. The Man Who Would Be King
10. When The Wild Wind Blows

Paul Bruce Dickinson - vocals
Janick Robert Gers - guitars
David Michael "Dave" Murray - guitars
Adrian Frederick Smith - guitars
Michael Henry McBrain - drums
Stephen Percy Harris - bass, keyboards

Additional info
Produced by Kevin Shirley.
Co-produced by Steve Harris.
Mixed by Kevin 'Caveman' Shirley.
Recorded at Compass Point Studios, Nassau, Bahamas.
Engineer: Jared Kvitka.
Studio Technician: Terry Manning.
Additional recording and mix at The Cave, Malibu, CA.
Studio Technician: Brent Spear.
Assistant: James McCullagh.
SSL Duality Technician: Philip Scholes.
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering, Portland, ME.

Art Direction & Design by Peacock (Stuart Crouch, Andrew Yap, Anthony Dry, Rob Wallis).
Cover Illustration, working drawings and sketches by Melvyn Grant.
Photograph by John McMurtrie.
Background images pages 4/5 and 8/9 by Darkside Animations, background image pages 10/11 by Hangman.

Staff review by
Iron Maiden have had ups and downs, but they consistently stuck to their unique style. 2006's A Matter of Life and Death saw a serious departure from that style towards a darker, more progressive sound - it was only a partial success. Unfortunately, Steve Harris and Co. felt encouraged, and decided to go further in their departures. The first 4 songs on The Final Frontier rank among the worst this band has ever committed and most of the time sound nothing like the Iron Maiden everyone knows. Departure from style my ass. If they wanted to depart again, the previous album was the way to do it.

published 16.08.2010 | Comments (255)

Guest review by
Death To Posers
It seems like it's become trendy to dislike any music that becomes even somewhat mainstream. I am by no means bitter; I'm guilty of this prejudice quite often. So, when I saw the album votes go the way they did for The Final Frontier I wasn't shocked. But, in all honesty, I thought this album was pretty hard! This is one of Maiden's most successful albums to date and for a damn good reason. While it does sound different from anything they've done before, that doesn't make it worse. Do you really want three albums that sound exactly like Brave New World?

published 18.01.2011 | Comments (46)

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13.07.2015 - 21:49
Bad English
Written by Hex_Omega on 13.07.2015 at 21:32

Written by Bad English on 20.02.2015 at 16:22

How many of you have listened it after it was out? I mean more then once?

I have many times, why?

just question because I have only once and it sucked, tried 2 times and cant
Life is to short for LOVE, there is many great things to do online !!!

Stormtroopers of Death - ''Speak English or Die''

I better die, because I never will learn speek english, so I choose dieing
13.07.2015 - 22:14
Rating: 9
Gem Seeker
Written by Bad English on 13.07.2015 at 21:49

just question because I have only once and it sucked, tried 2 times and cant

Looks like its a love it or hate it album. I love it.
14.07.2015 - 02:37
Marcel Hubregtse
Grumpy Old Fuck
Still a totally wothless shitty album for me.
Member of the true crusade against European Flower Metal

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05.04.1963 - 15.12.1996

14.07.2015 - 11:16
Rating: 9
Gem Seeker
Written by Marcel Hubregtse on 14.07.2015 at 02:37

Still a totally wothless shitty album for me.

You really can't fell the epicness of songs like this one?

And that god damn bass 'n' solo in 4:31! prog-orgasmic
15.07.2015 - 10:49
Rating: 9
Gem Seeker
Written by deadone on 15.07.2015 at 02:26

Actually I don't find any of the songs on this album to be epic ala Rhyme Of The Ancient Mariner or Mother Russia or Paschendale or even Brighter Than A Thousand Suns.

They're mainly just long songs.

Mother Russia is far from being epic IMO. Paschendale is overrated a bit. 'Rhyme...' and 'Brighter...' are both great and epic, just like 'Isle Of Avalon'.
The worst thing about The Final Frontier is IMO the single, 'El Dorado' is nothing special. And one more thing -> Production of this album is great and better than production of last two albums. I have completely no idea why some people complain about it.
15.07.2015 - 20:19
Rating: 9
Written by Hex_Omega on 15.07.2015 at 10:49

The worst thing about The Final Frontier is IMO the single, 'El Dorado' is nothing special.

The intro Satellite 15 is the worst thing. El Dorado was the first song i listened, and i said yes, i will buy this album. I don't have the previous two discs from them, are soulless, precisely what has this last record: soul and feeling.
10.09.2015 - 19:53
Rating: 9
Starblind is a wicked tune!!!
06.06.2016 - 22:08
Rating: 6
One of the biggest disappointments in music for my part. I bought it on the release day and now 6 years later it's still probably Maidens worst album. The production is dry and boring and Bruce often strain his voice to the point that it becomes annoying. The first 6 tracks are just plain boring (Isle of Avalon is the best of the bunch), at many times in these songs it gives a feeling of lazy songwriting, there's just too much stuff here that doesn't hold up on a Maiden album. Luckily the second half of the album is far better, in fact both Starblind and When The Wind Blows are excellent Maiden tunes (both with incredible lyrics). The Talisman is also a pretty nice tune.
28.10.2016 - 15:19
Rating: 5
Shortly put: a boring album. I don't quite see why the band (or Harris) wanted to go for these longer type of albums, in this case 75+ minutes, which is clearly too much. The album is saved pretty much only by "WtWWB".
The guitar is my sword, I'll fight 'til I die /../
29.10.2016 - 13:26
Rating: 8
An album that is a bit like Killers (I know that won't be a popular opinion) for me. Half the songs on the album don't connect with me. And the other half are really good songs imo.

I really like: Mother Of Mercy, Starblind, Isle Of Avalon, The Talisman, The Man Who Would Be King and When The Wild Wind Blows.

However there are also some of their weakest 2000s tracks on this album. The opener is probably my least favourite 2000s IM song, The Alchemist is just "meh", El Dorado has some cool riffs but overall it's just an okay song imo and Coming Home... well I don't feel anything while listening to that song so I would say it's a disappointing song.

Would probably get a 7.7/10 from me.
24.03.2017 - 20:23
Bad English
Just re listened second time, in whole life, and 1th time in full. I have no opinion anymore
Life is to short for LOVE, there is many great things to do online !!!

Stormtroopers of Death - ''Speak English or Die''

I better die, because I never will learn speek english, so I choose dieing

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