Release date: 2007
Style: Doom metal, Ambient Folk , Neofolk


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01. Nemiliztli & Miquiztli
02. Teokalli
03. Ix Chel
04. Tonatiu Lament
05. Fatal Xihupohualli
06. Lament Ol'antay
07. Kal'yal'yapi
08. Inti Raymi
09. Haa-ma chah'-been-tzil
10. Master of Mayapan
11. Xayacatl
12. Ayhara killa
13. Quetzali Dance
14. Mihtohtli Citlalin
15. Ahau Falls
16. Chanin Tiqsimuyu
17. Tutamantan
18. Icxiohtli
19. Aymarkayi
20. 2012


Additional info
"Mesoamerican" Ethnic Doom / Ambient Music
Label: Metalism Records
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Russia: 2008
Length: 77:32

Line-Up on the CD:
Growling, music, guitars, programming, concept: Senmuth
Clear voice, music: Eresh
Programming, music: Brutal Harry
Growling, music, concept: LeftHander
Female vocals, music: Johny Ratsen

Staff review by

"Tezcatl" is the album of the return of the really original band Tenochtitlan. Despite its name, Tenochtitlan is not a band from America but from Russia and if you haven't heard yet anything of their discography, you must know that the band plays some kind of ambient progressive Doom Metal. This is really original and unique, a bit special too that's right, but excellent if you like "crazy" music and history (because of course, the music and lyrics are linked to the big central and south American civilizations). One more time "Tezcatl" confirms all the good words that people use to say about the band, their music is not really easy of access but if you're open minded, this new album is a killer one more time.

published 15.08.2008 | Comments (8)

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