Azrael - Obdurate / Unto Death [Compilation]

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Release date: 2008
Style: Black metal


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01. Tenebrous Winds
02. Obdurate
03. Inhuman Scourge
04. Intro
05. Frozen In Death
06. Opening Of The Tomb
07. Unto Death
08. Chtonic Gurgling
09. Noise Ritual (Outro)

Additional info
This album is a compilation of their demo "Unto Death" and the MCD "Obdurate".

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The Post-Apocalyptic Black Metallers Azrael have been around since 1999 and claim to be the first band that broke Black metal barriers. Well, that's a load of ____ as far as I am concerned, as the "rules" of Black metal have been broken more often than anyone could count. But still, their full-lengths have their unique touch to it so let's not write them off just for that.

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