Bergraven - Till Makabert Väsen

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Release date: 23 June 2009
Style: Black metal


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01. Drömmen Om Undergång
02. Fasa
03. Asketens Enda Prydnad
04. Hunger
05. Det Andra Liket
06. Jag Lever Djävul
07. I Timmen När Allt Är Över

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A few months ago I was asked to do a review of Bergraven's Dödsvisioner. "A restrained version of Shining" was my judgement back then. Still, a band with potential. Till Makabert Väsen, the third album of Bergraven is out now and it is just in time for judgement day.

Opener "Drömmen Om Undergång" is mostly brooding Swedish spoken word alternated with dark riffs and howling screams. Is it just me or is the Swedish language perfect for this style of Black metal? Pär Gustafsson, sole member, sounds so evil-but-in-control with his deep, carefully articulated 'rolling' voice. His despaired screams lack a bit in power and pain, but his grand choir-esque vocals make up for that. The album continues and before we're near the end we've gone through reverbed plucking, anguished screams, more evil-fuelled riffs and more of Gustafsson's various demented antics. However - and it displeases me to say this – I still feel the music is restrained. It tries a bit too hard to come across as the music of someone mentally deranged, it just sounds a little too calculated for that. There's rarely any sense of real paralysing unpredictability as displayed on, for example, Diapsiquir's Virus STN.

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17.11.2012 - 06:35
Alex F
Slick Dick Rick
It's great, it's just a little lacking at some parts. It feels incomplete... like they could have done so much more. Which would have blown my mind considering it sounds great how it is.

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