The Reckoning - Counterblast

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Release date: 20 June 2008
Style: Death metal


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01. Intro
02. Downward Discipline
03. March To Your Death
04. Heap Of Wretchedness
05. Hellkind
06. Vermicular
07. Nailed To Iniquity
08. Level Of Containment
09. Bleed Divine
10. Dead Shall Rise [Terrorizer cover]

Additional info
Death Metal
Recorded: Hertz Studios, Poland 2007
Label: Shiver Records
Total Running Time: 39:23

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Generally speaking I'm not really the type of guy who, unless completely necessary, overuses certain big words like "masterpiece" all the time. And I won't say the album at hand is a masterpiece, but we're coming pretty close. What we are dealing with here, ladies and gents, is certainly the cream of the cream (crème de la crème) when it comes to Belgian death metal releases of 2008, to say the very least. Indeed, "Counterblast", the newest album of The Reckoning is a mighty punch in the face when it comes to top-notch characteristic death metal - you can take my word on it.

published 30.11.2008 | Comments (6)

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