Revolting Cocks - Sex-O Olympic-O

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Release date: 3 March 2009
Style: Industrial metal, EBM


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01. Hookerbot3000
02. Keys To The City [Vegas mix version]
03. Red Parrot
04. Robo Banditos
05. Cousins
06. Touch Screen
07. I'm Not Gay
08. Abundant Redundancy
09. Lewd Ferrigno
10. Wizard Of Sextown
11. Hookerbot3000 [Disco-A-Go-Go mix version]

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So, supposedly this Revolting Cocks record is the last album ever to feature the vocals of Mr. Al Jourgensen who, after having disbanded Ministry, is threatening to spend the rest of his twilight years behind a mixing desk at the studio in his Texas compound. You would think that the 'farewell' sentiment associated with a release like this would warrant cutting Uncle Al some slack with regards to quality. Think again - this album is mediocre at best and completely cringe inducing at worst, drowning in industrial rock cliches and making no effort whatsoever to be innovative in any way.

published 20.03.2009 | Comments (5)

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