The Dreaming - Etched In Blood

Release date: 2008
Style: Industrial rock


2 have it

01. Dead to Me
02. Bullet
03. Ugly
04. Let it Burn
05. Sticks & Stones
06. Bleed
07. Become Like You
08. Disconnected
09. Eating Me Alive
10. What Do You Want
11. Make it Go Away
12. Send Me an Angel

Staff review by
A few years ago I was listening to Stabbing Westward on my computer and after seeing the MSN "Now Playing" status notification one of my annoying friends taunted me with a message "H3y, datz emo!!1 WOOT". After initially getting a bit defensive, I started thinking and it dawned on me - "hey, they actually are kinda emo". Naturally, calling Stabbing Westward emo is a pure anachronism, since the band cultivated their style of industrial-tinged emotional rock way before the emo scene became big and never had punk roots. With this said, it seems like Christopher Hall's new band The Dreaming truly is "kinda emo".

published 12.02.2009 | Comments (2)

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