In Malice's Wake - Eternal Nightfall

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Release date: 24 November 2008
Style: Thrash metal


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01. Intro
02. Pay The Price
03. Eternal Nightfall
04. Bitter Demise
05. To Run With The Darkness...
06. Man-Made Death
07. The Path Less Travelled
08. As Dusk Covers Day...
09. Weakness In Numbers
10. Where Silence Hides
11. Mental Disarray

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Style: Thrash Metal
Country: Australia
Label: Self-Released
Length: 45:39
Recorded: 2008

Shaun Farrugia - guitars, vocals
Mark Farrugia - drums
Jamie Walker-Preece - bass
Dave Graham - guitars

In my opinion (and so it seems I'm not alone) 2008 was rather a good year for Thrash. So when this year In Malice's Wake's debut album "Eternal Nightfall" came into my possession I wondered whether they'd follow the trend of good 2008 albums. The "nebular" sounding intro was no indication (I had no idea what was to come after that) but the intro was short lived so the better signal was when "Pay The Price" started. It begins with hooking guitars, slow pounding crash cymbals and war-march snare drumming. It reminded me of the way Testament's new "The Formation Of Damnation" starts; slower to build up but heavy solid shreds to put a grin on any Thrasher's face.

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