Splattered Mermaids - Stench Of Flesh

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Release date: March 2008
Style: Brutal death metal, Grindcore


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01. Face Laceration
02. Stench Of Flesh
03. Throat Unsafe From A Pair Of Scissors
04. Instant Spastic Regurgitation
05. Spliced Girls
06. Circular Holes In The Cranial Structure
07. Corporeal Manifestation [feat. Martin Pedersen]
08. By My Blade [2008 version]
09. Degrading Malice [feat. Martin Pedersen]
10. Restless Dreams Of Atrocities

Johan Bergström - vocals
Johan Hallberg - guitars
Martin Schönherr - drums
Martin Eklöv - bass

Guest musicians
Martin Pedersen - vocals

Additional info
Brutal Death Metal / Grindcore
Bizarre Leprous
Length: 23:55

Staff review by
Baz Anderson
A mermaid, a mythical and wondrous creature, and all of a sudden you realise one is lying in front of you on the floor. You see, the problem with this mermaid is that it is dead. It is more than dead, it has its brain flopped over the floor, it's arms are bent and broken, there may be a few extra orifice's that weren't there originally, and its flipper appears to have had an unfortunate meeting with a cheese grater, or something similar. You come to realise you are holding a hammer covered in blood with some golden hair tangled around it too. You wonder how this could have happened, but then as you notice the sinister stare of your CD player callously displaying "10 Tracks" sitting in the corner of your room, it all becomes painfully clear what had happened. It turns out "Stench Of Flesh" is what happened, you had put on the debut album of Swedish nut-jobs Splattered Mermaids and let the music take you to your happy place.

published 09.04.2009 | Comments (6)

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