Mortuus Infradaemoni - Imis Avernis

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Release date: 2009
Style: Black metal


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01. Obscuritas Ubique Et In Aeternum
02. Darkland
03. Imis Avernis
04. Bastard
05. Doresh El Ha'metim
06. Mortuus Et Prodeunt Infradaemoni
07. Merihim Rises
08. Der Tod
09. Animatus

Additional info
Black Metal
Label: Cold Dimensions / Prophecy Records
Germany: 2009
Length: 60:25

Line-up on this album:
Vocals, guitars: Nathaniel
Drums, bass, vocals: Profanatitas

Staff review by
It's not easy to find really aggressive and true Black Metal nowadays. I'm not saying that we don't have good bands, Urgehal for example is a living proof that real "raw" Black still exist but it's trendy to do really melodic music and even some promising "newcomers" of the genre already tend to become more accessible (I'm not talking about being some COF wannabe too but still). What I want to say is that even if underground Black Metal remains popular, this is not so easy to find good albums and maybe that "Imis Avernis" will save the ones who're still looking for dirty disturbing Black Metal…

published 26.04.2009 | Comments (2)

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