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Danzig - Deth Red Sabaoth

7.6 | 101 votes |
Release date: 22 June 2010
Style: Hard rock


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01. Hammer Of The Gods
02. The Revengeful
03. Rebel Spirits
04. Black Candy
05. On A Wicked Night
06. Deth Red Moon
07. Ju Ju Bone
08. Night Star Hel
09. Pyre Of Souls: Incanticle
10. Pyre Of Souls: Seasons Of Pain
11. Left Hand Rise Above

Glenn Allen "Glenn Danzig" Anzalone - vocals, bass, guitar, piano, drums (track 4)
Tommy Victor - guitar, bass
Johnny Kelly - drums

Staff review by
Doc G.
This is Glenn Danzig, you may remember him from such great rock n' roll albums as Walk Among Us and Danzig II: Lucifuge...Or perhaps you won't.

It's really no secret this man ain't what he used to be. Since the loss of the classic Biscuits-Von-Christ line-up, Danzig albums have taken a progressive downward spiral from mediocre to crap. Luckily, some genuine inspiration must have struck Glenn long enough to put the comic books down and churn out a new album after 6 years (4 if you count Black Aria). From his punk days in The Misfits to the first few Danzig albums, he has proved that his music works best in a stripped down form. This is the first album where his thicker production attempts actually proved somewhat successful. Granted, the mixing on this album is absolutely piss-poor, but the new songs show depth nonetheless.

published 26.07.2010 | Comments (7)

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22.06.2010 - 02:02
Rating: 6
Chris Steele
Cool music, but god Danzig's voice has turned bad:(
22.06.2010 - 07:17
Rating: 7
Man, every single song takes forever to end - he just repeats the same line over and over again. Arrrrrrrrgh

Still a surprsingly good album
23.06.2010 - 11:01
Rating: 6
Best Danzig album since 4p.
01.07.2010 - 03:29
Rating: 10
Danzig Fuckin' Rules........Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeahhhhhhhhh
01.07.2010 - 10:09
Rating: 10
Exactly the comeback album i wanted to hear, Danzig just being fuckin' Danzig!
03.07.2010 - 09:46
Rating: 10
A dark, mature masterpiece. i've waited a long time for this.
05.07.2010 - 01:07
Havent herd the whole album yet but so far its Wicked
01.08.2010 - 23:16
Rating: 7
Elyar S.
Gud är Död
To be honest its better than expected, good job Danzig.
Kiss my ass if you dont like me, I dont care.
14.09.2010 - 18:37
Rating: 8
Dark Seraphim
Very happy with this, Danzig hasn't sounded this good in a while.
28.12.2010 - 16:58
Rating: 9
Musicianship: 8
Vocal: 10
Atmosphere: 7
Melody: 8
Originality: 7
Production: 7
CD Covers: 9

Best Songs:
05. On a Wicked Night
07. Ju Ju Bone
11. Left Hand Rise Above
30.09.2011 - 20:29
Rating: 8
Not their best album by anyone's standards, mainly due to danzig's vocals having turned for the worse. There's a major difference to his voice on here and the 80's. That said, most of the songs here are pretty well written, though some can get annoyingly repetitive...

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