Ironwood - :Fire:Water:Ash:

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Release date: 28 January 2009
Style: Progressive metal, Folk metal


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01. Önd Ascending
02. The Oncoming Storm
03. The Raven Song
04. Jarnvidr Gallows
05. The Serpent Seeks Its Tail
06. Tide Of Memory
07. Love In Death
08. River Of Fire
09. Eihwaz Descending

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When I first put this disc; Ironwood's debut album ":Fire:Water:Ash:" on to play I immediately drew correlation with Borknagar's Origin album. In the case of those guys I expected Black/Viking Metal but received soft acoustic material. In the case of Ironwood I was promised a kind of Folk/Progressive Metal blend but was given similar acoustic music. Once the second track "The Oncoming Storm" came around though I figured I'd be treated to a little more variation. It came forward with heavier electric riffs playing a kind of "jiggy" tune with the same booming vocals. The surprises don't end there though! Ironwood has more to offer.

published 21.05.2009 | Comments (8)

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