Carnophage - Deformed Future // Genetic Nightmare

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Release date: 26 August 2008
Style: Technical death metal, Brutal death metal


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01. Deformed Future // Genetic Nightmare
02. Bone Nails
03. Harmlessly Eaten
04. Blood Commander
05. No One Forgotten
06. Corpsefield
07. Clandestine Depravity
08. Anomalistic Resurrection

Additional info
Recorded at Studio Midasin Kulagi on December 2007
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Erkan Tatoglu and Carnophage
Produced by Carnophage
Carnophage logo by Aybars Altay
Cover Art by Par Olofsson
Booklet art & Layout by Ozan Yıldırım
Band Photos by Hasan Cemal Sargın
Guitar solo on "No One Forgotten" by Berkay Demirer
Samples on "Harmlessly Eaten" and "Anomalistic Resurrection" by Unsal Ozata
Additional Vocals on "Deformed Future//Genetic Nightmare" by Berkan Basoglu

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