Priestess - Prior To The Fire

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Release date: 20 October 2009
Style: Hard rock, Stoner rock


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01. Ladykiller
02. Raccoon Eyes
03. The Firebird
04. Murphy's Law
05. The Gem
06. Communicating Via-Eyes
07. Lunar
08. It Baffles The Mind
09. Sideways Attack
10. We Ride
11. Trapped In Space And Time
12. Castle Dracula [Download Card bonus]
13. Dweller [Download Card bonus]

Additional info
When released in the U.S., it came in two deluxe editions: both with two downloadable bonus tracks, but only one with an exclusive T-shirt.


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26.04.2010 - 18:09
Rating: 6
Unasuming Madnes
Kind of a disapointment of an album. Sure they've gotten "louder and heavier" in certain aspects, they've also become bland and linear, seemingly completely ditching there bluesy influenced roots. The album sadly just borders between mediocre and boring at times. Outside of repeating the energy of "Lady Killer" three times, they change into something far more bland before the energetic sound unwelcomes itself. Theres promise in gem, but is hampered by the uninteresting slow part which i guess is suppose to have some kind of arabian sound, but just is boring. Atleast the faster riff of that song is somewhat bearable, but could have definetly used more variety. Things kind of meander then until track 9, where things seem to pick up again where track three left off.
08.07.2011 - 21:39
Cuca Beludo
Account deleted
Not even a shadow of what Hello Master Is!
31.10.2011 - 16:30
Rating: 10
What a great delighful album with powerfull riffs and rich harmony. The "garage" kind of production add to it the real deal in something honest and raw. We are not talking about fast, furious and technically on your face. It just really breath and it's is very enjoyable today. The choce of melody for the singing, the guitars riff and the groove is here to make it a very good band to follow closely in the futur. Love it !!

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